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Past bulletins

The Baptist of the Lord

January 9/10, 2010



Reading I                            Isaiah 42.1-4, 6-7

Responsorial Psalm:            The Lord will bless his people with peace.

Reading II                           Acts 10.34-38

Gospel:                                Matthew 3.15-16, 21-22


·         This is like a second beginning for Jesus. At thirty, he has left home, and starts his adult life with this symbolic birth, coming up out of the water and hearing God claim him as his son.

·         Lord, I know you are well pleased with me, not for anything I have done, but because I, too, am your child.  Help me to live like Jesus, with a sense of your calling.


 December 20  $1,181.95               Attendance  98
 December 24  $2,613.68                                 161
 December 25  $     95.00
 December 27  $1,190.00
 January 1        $   642.00                                   27

                     January 3        $   768.80                                   75


 December 12  $372.50                  Attendance  31
  December 19  $742.50                                    32
 December 24  $823.83                                   102
 December 26  $197.42                                     20
 January 1        $294.30                                     27
 January 2        $509.02                                     31


Fri. Jan. 8               9:00 AM:            8th Anniversary Mass for Cathy Daly by her parents, Norbert and Shirley 

                                                         Daly and Family

Sat. Jan. 9              4:30 PM:            (St. Columban) For Henri Gervais by The Parishioners of St. Columban

Sun. Jan. 10        11:00 AM:             (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners of St. Aloysius and St. Columban

                             4:00 PM:              Eucharistic Adoration

Fri. Jan. 15            9:00 AM:             For all parishioners of St. Aloysius and St. Columban

Sat. Jan. 16            4:30 PM:             (St. Columban) For Christine Cassidy by Moe & Kathy Amyot

Sun. Jan. 17         11:00 AM:             (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners of St. Aloysius and St. Columban.
            4:00 PM:              Eucharistic Adoration




Thank you and congratulations to Pauline Leduc and John O'Farrell as St. Al’s two new wardens. A special thank you to our outgoing wardens, Phyllis Séguin and Myriam Lebrun, as well as our chairperson, Denis Casey, for their dedication and service to the parish. We welcome Mike McCann back to the Warden’s Board as Chairperson.

At St. Columban, Maynard Robinson has returned for a second term.  Thank you for your support, Maynard.


MEET & GREET – Thank you

I would like to thank you for all of your support by bringing food, helping out or by attending our Meet and Greet on January 3rd. This is a great way to visit with old friends and meet new ones.  Our next Meet and Greet will be on February 7th.
     Susan Arnold, Social Warden



Doris Lemieux, Denis Casey and their families. *If you know of other parishioners that are ill, please call the office so we can add them to our pray list.



Anyone that is interested in becoming an usher, please contact Mike McCann at 669-1687.



Those who are interested in Sacrament preparation for the coming year, please call the office at 819-663-5244.


The ages for First Communion and Reconciliation is Grade 2 and up.  For Confirmation the age that is set by the Diocese is 15 years and older.

Please register as soon as possible so we can plan for the coming year.


WANTED: Two-person team for Children’s Liturgy

Okay so Noah knew it was best two-by-two, so we figured there is strength in numbers. So why specifically are we looking for two people? Well, as you may have noticed, we have started the Children’s Liturgy again. Louise and Donna have graciously committed to every two weeks to spend some time with the children during mass to help them in their journey in understanding the readings. The other two-person team will journey with the children on the alternate weeks. Before you say – “wow I couldn’t do that, read on”.


There is course material available that outlines everything for the team (easily understood and easy to follow) and as a bonus, Louise as agreed to work with this team to make sure they are ready and comfortable to take on this commitment. Okay, so now you are thinking “well, maybe it’s not so bad, they have stuff to work with after all….. : read on.  If you feel a bit of a pull, we ask one thing and one thing only  - please listen to that voice, take some time to pray and reflect on getting involved – maybe the time is not right for you right now, but maybe later, you never know. And if you are so moved, please call Carol at the office and let her know you are interested in leading a team or helping as part of a team with Children’s liturgy. Thank you for reading and considering… God bless.