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Past bulletins

5th Sunday of Lent

April 6/7, 2019

Reading I                                        Isaiah 43.16-21

Responsorial Psalm:            The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.

Reading II                            Philippians 3.8-14

Gospel:                                John 8.1-11




          March 31:                      $1,022.00                    Attendance:     61



            March 30:                   $273.00                                               15



Fri. April 5                   9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

                                     7:00 p.m.        Stations of the Cross

Sat. April 6                  4:30 p.m.        (St. Columban) For William Murphy by

                                                            Amanda, Marty and Hannah Burns

Sun. April 7                  11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For Ann Melvin by her family.

Wed. April 10              8:00 a.m.        Eucharistic Adoration

                                     9:15 a.m.        For the intentions of Richard Berube

                                     7:00 p.m.        Penitential Service and Confessions

Fri. April 12                 9:15 a.m.        For Souls in Purgatory

                                     7:00 p.m.        Stations of the Cross

Sat. April 13                4:30 p.m.        (St. Columban) For Nora Ryan-Somers by her estate.

Sun. April 14                11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For Elizabeth & George Kopil, founding

                                                            Members of St. Al’s by their granddaughter Susan



On-line Lenten retreat as part of the synodal process

During Lent, we invite you to walk with your brothers and sisters in the Archdiocese of Gatineau. Together, we will deepen our conviction that the Christian community helps us grow in our relationship to Christ. Written by people throughout the diocese, these reflections will allow us to pray with the theme presented each Sunday of Lent. We invite you to register for this on-line retreat by providing your email in the sign-up box at . You will receive an e-mail every day during Lent with a reflection and a prayer. Paper versions of this retreat have been sent to each parish for those who do not have easy computer access.  Also we have the retreat on our Facebook Community Page. Welcome to this retreat!

Anyone wishing to discuss their reactions, prayers, insights, from the on-line retreat can meet in the parish hall at 2 :30 Tuesday afternoons.


5th Sunday in Lent (from the Synod Process)


Many people are looking to lose weight at some point in their lives. They go on a diet, they start to work out, in order to achieve an ideal weight.

Well before reaching their goal, they will notice differences. They sleep better at night, have more energy, get tired less quickly in efforts, are in a good mood. Even their friends and colleagues will notice these changes: “Have you lost weight? You seem more fit. ”

These first positive results are encouraging and renew the determination to reach the ideal weight.

Holiness is a little like that. We know that perfect holiness will only be attained after death when God transforms us completely in his love. For now, we strive towards this holiness, we try to cooperate with the Holy Spirit who is at work in us.

Like St. Paul, we forget what is behind us and, like a long-distance runner, we tend towards the goal that is set out before us.

And already, in striving towards this goal, we are transformed. Already, holiness is settling in us. We are more and more like Christ in our love for the Father and in our love for our brothers and sisters.

People might take note: “You have changed. You are happier than before. You think more about others. Looks like you’ve found your place in life.” This is the effect of the grace that radiates within us without our noticing it. We grow in holiness.

This path of holiness is offered to every Christian. All of us are called to holiness, for we are all called to live perfectly in the love of God. We all strive for the same goal.

When Jesus says to the woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn you,” he frees her from the burden of her sin, guilt, and sorrow. But Jesus goes further, he gives her a goal: “Go, sin no more.”

He invites her to go further. And she can answer this invitation because she has experienced forgiveness, she knows she is loved.

Let me tell you about a sociology experiment that made headlines in education. At the beginning of a school year, a third-grade teacher was told that the group of students she would have that year was exceptional, that these children were smarter, more talented than average. At the same time, another teacher was told that her group would be weak, less talented, less intelligent. In fact, the two groups were quite normal, but the researchers wanted to know if the attitude of the teachers would have an impact on student outcomes. What do you think happened? The students of the first teacher all exceeded expectations, while the students in the second all performed poorly. This experiment demonstrates to what extent the trust that the other person has or does not have in me can influence my results.

Jesus trusted in the adulterous woman. He does not judge her, on the contrary, he invites her to give herself an elevated ideal, to change her life.

He does the same for everyone, each of us. Not only does he forgive us our sins, he calls us to stand up again, to take the road again, to grow in his love. Made stronger by his trust in us, we can strive for holiness.

Many people looking to lose weight join a group that shares the same goal. It’s easier to encourage yourself and stay true when you’re not alone.

In the same way, it is easier to strive for holiness and to grow in the spiritual life when surrounded by people who share the same ideal. At the Sunday Eucharist we meet withbrothers and sisters to remind us of the reason for our hope, to encourage each other in our walk towards the Lord, to turn together to the God who calls us to go to him.

Let’s trust each other. Let’s not be afraid to rely on our brothers and sisters to support us. Let us be a community that radiates more and more the light of. Together, let’s draw closer to the Lord.



(Solidarity Sunday)

Share the journey with Syrian refugees in Lebanon 

Since the war broke out in Syria in 2011, some 12.5 million Syrians have had to flee their homes. Development and Peace partner House of Peace (HOPE) is working to build bridges between Syrian refugees and their host communities in Lebanon.

On this Solidarity Sunday, we extend a warm thank you for your generosity. Your donation will help our sisters and brothers across the world, from Colombia all the way to Lebanon, Nigeria, and elsewhere! Thank you for helping us build a world of peace and justice, where no one will be forced to flee their home!



            Our deepest sympathy of the passing away of William Assad.  His funeral will be held at St. Al’s on Saturday, April 13th at 11 a.m.  May he rest in peace.




            Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher is pleased to invite ALL PARISHIONERS to gather for the CHRISM MASS during which the Oils for the Catechumens and the Oil of the Sick will be blessed and the Holy Chrism consecrated on Holy Wednesday, April 17th at 7 p.m at Saint Joseph Cathedral, 245 Saint-Joseph Boulevard.  Free parking available behind the church and on the streets nearby.