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Past bulletins

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 20/21, 2018

Reading I                                        Isaiah 53.10-11

Responsorial Psalm:            Let your love be upon on us, Lord, even as we hope in you.

Reading II                            Hebrews 4.14-16

Gospel:                                Mark 10.35-45



                October 13:                 $339.60                       Attendance:    27




          October 14:                   $1251.45                     Attendance:     82




Fri. Oct. 19                  9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Sat. Oct. 20                 4:30 p.m.        (St. Columban) 19th Anniversary Mass

                                                            For Guy Cyr by The Cyr Family

Sun. Oct. 21                11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For Suzanne Charette and

                                                            Steven Reid by Shella Ruddy

Wed. Oct 24               8:00 a.m.        Eucharist Adoration

                                     9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Fri. Oct 26                   9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Sat. Oct 27                  4:30 p.m.         (St. Columban) For Arthur and Violet Foley by

The Family

Sun. Oct. 28                11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For Ann Melvin by

                                                            Mervyn and Lyn Wells

   And Jeanne d'arc Knight by Alain and Pam Richard


Servant Leadership

Today’s readings describe leadership as the sacrificial service done for others and offer Jesus as the best example. The leadership of Jesus is a servant leadership; one that is hinged on service and sacrifice which are the criteria of greatness in His kingdom. We are called to be good followers of the Servant Leader, Jesus. The various God-given abilities and talents are not to cause division, to help us rule over others, or to compete with others. All gifts must be a source of communion and complementarity. To be great means to be the last and servant of all as Christ was. The first reading from the Prophet Isaiah taken from the fourth servant song of messianic prophecy, shows God preparing His people to adopt the mentality of giving up one’s life as Jesus was to demonstrate later. It tells how the promised Messiah will save mankind, by sacrificing Himself as the atonement for our sins. As a ‘suffering servant’, Jesus had done this sacrificial service of love for us by giving His life on the cross as an offering for us and taking our punishment on Himself.

The second reading tells us that the Son of God was not afraid to come down to our level as a human being; as one of us He shared our condition. As God-man and Mediator-High Priest, Jesus has offered a fitting sacrifice to God as a ransom to liberate us from the slavery of sin. During the time of Jesus, a ransom was the price paid to free someone from slavery; the ransomer offered himself as a substitute for the slave. This is what Jesus did in our behalf. He is able to understand well our weakness because He Himself was tempted like us, though sinless and so we can confidently hope for God’s mercy. The Gospel explains how Jesus had accomplished His mission of saving us from the slavery of sin as the “suffering servant.” On His way to Jerusalem, He just announced for the third time that He was going to be insulted, condemned to death, scourged and killed. But the disciples did not seem to have understood the meaning of His words. They were still thinking about Jesus, the messiah, coming to establish the kingdom of this world with great political power.

 James and John, in their request, betrayed this misunderstanding. They seemed to say: ‘we are convinced that we have the right to the first places in the kingdom that you are about to establish.’ Surprisingly, these are two of Jesus’ best and most generous disciples. The reaction of the other ten disciples is pretty sharp and shows that they too have assimilated very little of the teaching of Jesus. Hence, those who manifest the greatest lack of understanding for the words of God are not just some unknown disciples but the close ones. They have accepted all that Jesus said about married life, they have left everything to follow Him; but when it comes to giving up power and superiority over others, they lose their heads. Jesus told them that one day they would give up their lives for Him and that the places given to each one in glory is a gift of the Father, not something that can be claimed on merit. In this Gospel, Jesus therefore offers the ideal of dedication to the service of others as fundamental to Christian discipleship. We are challenged to become great by serving others with the sacrificial agape love like Christ, the suffering servant.  We ought to ‘drink the cup’ of Jesus by laying down our lives in humble, sacrificial service for others in our homes, workplaces, communities etc. When parents sacrifice their time, talents, health and blessings for the welfare of their children; when husband and wife are ‘servants’ to each other; when teachers are ‘servants’ to their pupils; when doctors see their patients as ‘superiors’ that they must serve; when traders try to keep their customers happy through good service and honesty, they are serving God. Service always involves suffering because we cannot help another without some sacrifice on our part. Today more than ever, we need people with courage of Christian convictions for social justice, we need spiritual leaders in our Church who, even in the face of persecution, can break open the undiluted word for all, who can lead us in our prayers, offer us on the altar, and draw us together as sacrament. If we want to be leaders, we must learn to be available, accountable and vulnerable: that is servant leadership! Happy Sunday!



The Archdiocese of Gatineau is engaged in a synodal process now. All parishes and parishioners are urged to be part of it. In view of the parish consultations which are in the first phase of the program, we offer the following options to accommodate your availability:

 1. Sunday, Oct 21 at 2:00 pm at Pauline’ house

2. Tuesday, Oct 23 at 6:30 pm at Mirella’s house

3. Friday, Oct 26 at 2:30 pm at John Cook’s apartment

            The parish facilitators are Pauline Leduc, Mirella Bernier, Julie McCann ( or 819-598-2609) and Fr Al. Please tell them which meeting you would like to attend since, obviously, space is limited in some cases. 




We would like to thank Bob Price and Moe Lambert for donating the materials to build a railing for the East side church and hall entrances.  We would also like to send a big thank you to them and their team who constructed the railing; Dan Ford, David Lafrance and John O’Farrell.  Great job guys!                 St. Al’s Wardens’ Board


With Summer now behind us and as promised back in July, the Warden’s Board wants to provide an update on our current financial situation.  Jim Brownrigg has assumed the position of Finance Warden and has assessed our finances.  Most of the unforeseen expenses described in July have been addressed but have come at a cost.  The Summer months typically see smaller attendance numbers which results in reduced revenue from the Sunday collections.  This past Summer has been particularly lean in regards to attendance and contributions.  As a result, our expenses have exceeded our revenues during this timeframe.  Although the Fall months normally see an increase in collections, an overall significant shortfall is projected (currently about $10,000).  In order to avoid this situation, we are asking parishioners to review their current means of supporting the parish in a hope that additional contributions can be provided in the form of increased weekly collections or a one time donation. 

            The Wardens are actively looking to reduce our expenses and identify ways to raise revenues.  As we prepare the 2019 parish budget, we will need to scrutinize our current realities in order to create a balanced and achievable budget next year.  In the meantime, we need to collectively address our current situation over the remaining months of the year.

If not at mass on Sundays, we encourage you to drop off your donation weekdays during our office hours or donate on-line through your financial institution (more information will be provided on how to set this up).  If you have any questions, please contact one of our Warden’s Board members.  A more detailed financial summary will be provided at the General Meeting in December.

            Your continued support is greatly appreciated and very much needed at this time!”

 St- AL’s Warden’s Board


A sincere THANK YOU goes out to those of you who set up the hall, donated food, prepared the supper (spaghetti, salad, dessert etc.), served and cleaned up.

A sincere THANK YOU goes out to those who donated articles, solicited donations, and spent many hours organizing the Silent Auction.

A sincere THANK YOU goes out as well, to those of you who attended our Spaghetti Supper and supported our Silent Auction.

To start the Holiday Season off right, we will be holding our Annual Turkey Supper on December 1st at 6:00 pm.

Tickets will be available shortly from Carol at the Parish office or at Sunday mass.



            Wakefield Hospital is building a Palliative Care Centre funded with pennies.  If you have any PENNIES, please may I have them.              Barbara Morey