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Past bulletins

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 9/10, 2017

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 9/10, 2017


Reading I                             Ezekiel 33.7-9

Responsorial Psalm:             O that today you would listen to the voice of the Lord.

                                            Do not harden your hearts!

Reading II                            Romans 13.8-10

Gospel:                                Matthew 18.15-20








          Sept. 3:               $701.40                       Attendance:     65



Fri. Sept. 8                     9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Sept. 9                    4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) For Lorraine Paiement by

                                                                Clare Elder

Sun. Sept. 10                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Wilfrid Kehoe by

                                                                Suzanne Dupont

Wed. Sept. 13                9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. Sept. 15                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Sept. 16                  4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) To St. Anthony for a favour

                                                                received by a parishioner

Sun. Sept. 17                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) 1st Anniversary Mass for   

                                                                Arthur Cook by Ghislaine and Family.



Resolving Conflicts and Fraternal Correction in Love

Today’s liturgy reminds us of our responsibility towards others in our families, parishes and communities. As children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ, we are responsible for one another. This individual responsibility in a Christian society includes fraternal correction of other members and our obligation to forgive our offenders and to ask forgiveness from others for our offences. In the first reading, God tells Ezekiel that he is to be a "watchman for the house of Israel.” Ezekiel is called to serve as a “sentry” for the house of Israel. A sentry is a soldier who guards the army camps, one who watches so that his army may not be attacked by surprise. The Prophet is obliged to warn Israel of moral dangers.  If Ezekiel should refrain from speaking God’s word intended to convert the wicked, God will hold him responsible for the death of the wicked. If he warns the wicked, but they refuse to heed his warning, then the Prophet is not guilty. In the second reading, St. Paul points out that the love we should have for one another should be our only reason for admonishing and correcting the sinner.  Love seeks the good of the one who is loved. Paul reminds us that love requires that we should watch out for one another’s souls, and love specifies the manner in which our watchful care of one another should be conducted. Therefore, we should admonish one another so that we all may repent and grow in holiness.


The Gospel highlights one of the most painful responsibilities that we have towards others, namely fraternal correction. Christian charity obliges us to correct and counsel our brother or sister who has damaged the community by his or her public sin. Jesus teaches that as Christians, we are all God's prophets, God's representatives, God’s watchmen, set on elevated places to give warning of approaching danger to our brothers and sisters. The prophets of all times have a grave responsibility for their people's salvation. None of us can retire from the task of being watchmen. The law “love your brothers and sisters” certainly demands that we should try to help them to return to the right path. But how do we do this? Jesus offers a three-step way. The first step, which is most delicate and sensitive requires us to go to our brother or sister and speak to him/her personally. If our first attempt fails, we should ask the help of one or two brothers and sisters of the community. The Good and recovering of our brother or sister must always be the motive. The last stage which involves recourse to the community should take place only in cases when the sin committed may risk to upset all the brothers and sisters, especially the weaker in faith.


This act of confronting should not aim at humiliating him/her but reconciling with him/her. Just as conflict is sure to happen in a community of sinners, so confrontation can sometimes be the only language of love. The refusal to confront is the refusal to love. If love faces the real, it cannot avoid facing conflict. Where silence would permit greater division in the community, love must do something. Edmund Burke says “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Doing nothing in the face of wrongdoing and hurt is precisely what the Gospel opposes. Each of us is a prophet and therefore a ‘sentinel’, responsible somehow for what happens to our brothers and sisters. Whoever sees somebody misbehaving cannot repeat Cain’s words “Am I my brother’s keeper” (Gen. 4:9).


Jesus suggests too that the brother or sister should be considered like a pagan or a tax collector should s/he refuse to correct him/herself. This sounds a bit out of a place in the mouth of Jesus who was proud of being called the friend of tax collectors and sinners (Mt. 11:19). The community has certainly no right to send away one of its misbehaving members. But she (the Church) has the right and power to denounce or condemn people (members) who call themselves Christians but act in ways that are incompatible with the Gospel message. The decision of the Church (community) will be the decision of God. Having inspired the Church (community) in her decision, God will also honour her judgement. It is part of the Church’s ministry of “binding and loosing” entrusted to Peter and the Church (Mt 16:19); “for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”(Mt. 18:20). Happy Sunday!



We elected our new Maintenance Warden at our Parish meeting following mass August 28th, 2017.  Please join us in welcoming our new Maintenance Warden, Dennis Butt who enthusiastically accepted his nomination to finish the current warden's term.  Welcome on board Dennis!



            The Sewing Group will start back on Sept. 12th at 11 a.m. in the Parish Hall.  Come bring your project and sewing machine and enjoy the afternoon.  No experience needed, we are all learning.

''THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD HAS SENT ME TO BRING GOOD NEWS TO THE POOR.''   This is something that each one of us could and indeed should say every day!  Pope Francis invites us to this realization in his text ''The Joy of the Gospel''.  The Bishops of Quebec and our own Bishop Durocher prompt us to become a ''Church of mission''.  On Saturday, September 16th, 9:30-11:30, here in St. Al's church hall, we will put our heads and hearts together to read the Bishop's text, react to it, try to identify specific objectives which we, here at St. Al's could attain.  ALL ARE INVITED, IN FACT, URGED to mark this date on their calendars and plan to attend.   


Registration is now being held for First Reconciliation, First Communion & Confirmation.  Children must be 7 years old or more in 2018 for First Communion & Reconciliation and 15 years old for Confirmation. The preparation sessions for First Reconciliation & Communion will begin in January 2018. An information session will be held in November. Last year we started a program for preteens & teenagers who wish to make their First Reconciliation & First Communion, which was well received by the participants. This program is given separate from the younger children.

Sessions are held Sundays after 11:00 AM mass and we are usually thru by 2:00 PM.

If you have any questions you may contact Louise Lortie at or Louise MacMillan at

To register for sacraments, you may pick a form available at the back of the church or contact Carol Leonard at the church office.


            St. Francois de la Sales – Sept 10 – 11a.m

St. Jean Marie Vianney – Sept 17th – 11 a.m.

St. Alexandre – Sept 17th – 1 p.m.

St. Elizabeth, Cantley:  Sept 17th at 2 p.m.

St. Columban: Sept 24th at 2 p.m.

St. Paul: Sept 17th – 3 p.m.




Carol & Pierre Léonard – 1st (38th)                  Dan & Diane Ford – 5th (19th)

Dennis Butt - 7th                                                              Paul Paiement (5th)

Amanda & Marty Burns – 6th (14th)                             Maurice Savage – 10th

Susan Arnold – 9th  

Nancy & Moe Lambert – 8th (9th)                    George Avon – 14th

Eveline Achuo – 15th                                       Shannon Lortie – 16th

Gaby & Mike McCann – 20th (48th)                 Pierre Léonard – 21st

Irene Lalonde – 22nd                                         William J. Murphy – 29th