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Past bulletins


June 17 and 18, 2017



Reading I                             Deuteronomy 8.2-3, 14-16

Responsorial Psalm:             Praise the Lord, Jerusalem.

Reading II                            1 Corinthians 10.16-17

Gospel:                                John 6.51-59


·         This is indeed a great mystery – the sacred power and presence of Christ in bread and wine, and the intimate meal offering food for the journey, for both saints and sinners.  Little wonder that there is often tension and argument as we seek to understand the mystery of the Eucharist.

·         As God does with us when we pray, so we are nourished in the closeness and intimacy of this feast.  Let us pray.



June 10:                       $487.70                       Attendance :  49



             June 11:                       $887.65                       Attendance: 71

            50/50 Draw Winner:  Louise MacMillan $28.50         


Sat. June 17                              4:30 PM:                  (St. Columban) For Mark Foley by

                                                                                   Marty, Amanda and Hannah

Sun. June 18                           11:00 AM:               (St. Aloysius) For the deceased family

                                                                                 members of

                                                                                  the Sewing Group

                                                                                   For Special intentions by Suzanne

Wed. June 21                          9:00 AM:                For Nobert Daly by Olive and Derrick

Fri. June 23                              9:00 AM:                For Myrnah Steele by Susan Arnold

Sat. June 24                            4:30 PM:                 (St. Columban)  

                For Augustine Ogowuihe Okafor by

                                                                                Shirley Quinn

Sun. June 25                           11:00 AM:               (St. Aloysius) For The deceased                               members of the Lacelle Family

                                                                                 By Rita Lacelle



Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ – Corpus Christi

The Holy Eucharist is one of the last precious gifts given to us, his followers, by Jesus. Jesus gave the Eucharist to us on Holy Thursday as our holy food. The other gift is his Mother Mary on Good Friday. The solemnity of the Body and Blood celebrates the abiding presence of a loving God as  Emmanuel (God with us), in order to give  collective thanks to our Lord for his living with us in the Eucharist. The Greek word eucharistia means thanksgiving. The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life; the other sacraments and indeed all ecclesiastical ministries and works of the apostolate are bound up with the Eucharist and are oriented toward it (CCC. 1322). This feast offers us an opportunity to reflect more on the importance and value of the “Real Presence” of Jesus so as to maximize the benefit we get from the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

            We Catholics believe in the “Real Presence” in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus promised it after miraculously feeding the 500 men; Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist during his Last Supper. Thirdly, Jesus commanded his disciples to repeat it in his memory; finally, nothing is impossible for God. The “Real Presence” of Jesus is explained by the Greek Aristotelian term “transubstantiation.” This term signifies that the substance of the consecrated bread and wine is changed to the substance of the Risen Jesus’ glorified Body and Blood by the action of the Holy Spirit, and its accidents (like color, shape, taste etc), remain the same.

This Sunday’s readings make reference to this feast. The first reading sees the Eucharist as blessing and praise of God seen in the action of Melkizedek, the king of Salem. The king and the character of his offering prefigure Jesus who has also been referred to as “a priest according to the other of Melkizedek (Ps. 110,4). Jesus, the Priest and King, is the Eternal Priest and King of kings who offered a sacrifice of bread and wine during his Last Supper. Jesus is infinitely greater than Melkizedek in that He is the sacrifice and the offering, the bread and wine. In the Second reading, St. Paul shows that the Eucharist is the memorial of what Jesus did at the Last Supper. To “proclaim the death of the Lord”, Paul mentions at the end of the reading, is to confess one’s faith in the whole mystery of Christ and all that means for us. Jesus gave us the Eucharist in the context of dying for our sake. Paul believes that since Jesus gave us the Eucharist in this context, we should experience it only in the context of our dying to ourselves for his sake. Thus all Christ’s disciples (we) are challenged to promote community, to be united and to hold possession in common.

            The gospel presents the Eucharist as food for the multitudes. The never-ending supply of bread with which Jesus fed the multitude prefigured his own consecrated Bread that sustains us until he comes again. In the Eucharistic celebration the Church re-enact Christ’s sacrificial self-giving. Jesus’ sacrifice of his lifeblood on the cross was also prefigured in the animal blood sacrifices offered by the Jews to God in the past. The miraculous feeding of the crowd of 500 men could be understood as a type and prefiguring of Jesus’ gift of the Eucharistic Bread that would spiritually nourish those who believe in him. The taking, breaking and giving of the loaves anticipated the ” taking,” of Jesus’ in the garden (Gethsemane), the “breaking” of his body during his passion and Jesus’ “giving” of himself as a sacrifice for the sins of humankind. Finally, the cooperation of the apostles in the miracle is significant. It suggests that Jesus asks us all to “share what little” we have. No matter how insignificant or small our gift, it could be the very thing Jesus blesses to satisfy the hunger of those around us. To die by becoming one with each other and to die by sharing ourselves are at the heart of the Eucharist. Without these our rubrics and actions are meaningless.


Happy Corpus Christi Sunday!

Fr Al.



Request for a person interested with knowledge of Janitorial duties for our parish. We are requesting a bid for these services to be submitted by June 25, 2017 to the office.  A complete list of duties will be posted on the bulletin boards.  The board will contact the successful candidate by end of June.
                                               Thank you, St. Al’s Wardens Board



June Quinn                  5th                                                           Margaret Paiement       9th

Val Gagnon                 12th                                                        Adeline Gendron         14th

Kathy Amyot               17th                                          Jane Pickering              17th

Carole Fraser               19th                                          JoAnne Lambert          20th

Paulette & Ron Pearce – 24th (50th)                              David Dumaresq          29th