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Past bulletins


April 22/23, 2017


Reading I                             Acts 2.42-47

Responsorial Psalm:             Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his steadfast love

                                            endures forever.

Reading II                            1 Peter 1.3-9

Gospel:                                John 20.19-31


·         Today’s Gospel might make us feel unsettled – and not only because, like Thomas, we sometimes struggle with doubt in our relationship with God.  We may also feel uncomfortable with the invitation Jesus extends to us via Thomas, to touch the wounds of one another and to bring healing to those wounds.

·         Let us celebrate the hope that resolves doubt and heals wounds.  Let us celebrate with the same joy that made Thomas proclaim,  “My Lord and my God!" Let us be, like the first disciples, a living hope to the world.


April 16 :         $432.50                                               Attendance :    38


          Holy Land:         $72.00

          April 16:             $1158.30                                 Attendance:     136


Sat. April 22                  4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) For Alma Miller by Gail Burns

Sun. April 23                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Norbert Daly by

                                                                The Gatineau Friendship Club

Wed. April 26                9:00 AM:          For Norbert Daly by Carole Fraser

Fri. April 28                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. April 29                  4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) For Mildred Foley by Gail Burns

Sun. April 30                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Jean Ryan by

                                                                The Gatineau Friendship Club


Divine Mercy

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday. The Liturgy is therefore filled with words about God’s mercy and the necessity for trusting faith and the need for the forgiveness of sins.  The Collect addresses God as “God of everlasting mercy.” There is repetition of “His mercy endures for ever” in the Responsorial Psalm (118). The Incarnation of God in human history is the perfect manifestation of Divine Mercy. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life”(Jn. 3:16). In the celebration of the Eucharist which Christ instituted to sanctify us, Divine Mercy is given to us.

Luke, in the Acts of the Apostles, shows how the early Church grew in leaps and bounds, thanks to the acts of mercy and sharing practised by the early Christians. The early Christians expressed their love and mercy by sharing what they had with everyone in need, a model for our communities. Such charity was the direct fruit of Christ's resurrection. The life of the community was the proof that Christ was alive in His followers. Faith in the Risen Lord demands that we see material things as means to sustain human life. Christian life does not have as a goal the accumulation of goods. Anything we own which is not indispensable must be generously shared with the brothers and sisters in need. In this way everyone may lead decent life and we are real witnesses of the resurrection of Christ. In the second reading from First Peter, the Apostle glorifies God for granting Resurrection and ascension to His Son, Jesus, thereby guaranteeing our own resurrection and entry into Heaven. He therefore encourages early Christians by assuring them that their sufferings will be greatly compensated by the heavenly reward awaiting them. He invites them to remember the day of their baptism and what it implies. As pilgrims here on earth, Peter states, no suffering, no trial can destroy our joy at being children of God.

The Gospel continues the echo of Divine Mercy that is celebrated today. Jesus entrusted to His Apostles the mission of proclaiming God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and salvation to all. Christ, the Risen Lord, in today's Gospel, gives the apostles the authority to forgive sins in His Name as well as the power of imparting God’s mercy to the sinner through the gift of forgiving sins from God’s treasury of mercy. An eloquent expression of our belief in the presence of the Risen Lord among us is our forgiveness of others. Our celebration of the Eucharist is very closely linked to our forgiveness of others since the Eucharist is also the Sacrament of God’s forgiveness for humanity in the Body and Blood of Christ, His Son. Jesus shows His Mercy and compassion towards Thomas in his doubt and he is able to overcome his doubts by seeing the Risen Lord and he makes a unique profession of faith, “My Lord and my God.” This declaration of Thomas is the foundation of our Christian faith, one based on the divinity of Jesus as proved by His miracles especially that of the Resurrection from the dead. The faith expressed by Thomas culminated in his self-surrender to Jesus and heroic missionary works in India accentuated by his martyrdom.

Brothers and sisters, God continues to invite us all to celebrate and practise His mercy. The Church does this through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Bible says “be merciful just as your Father is merciful.” We radiate God’s mercy to others by our actions, words and prayers. Like Thomas we are to pray for the faith that culminates in self-surrender to God and urges us to render to each other our loving service. “Faith without good works is dead (Jm 2:17). Other people demand that we reflect Christ, the Risen Lord in our lives. This is a challenge to us. They want to “see” Jesus in us to believe. The integrity of our lives bears a fundamental witness to others who want to see the Risen Lord alive and active, working in us. Christ's mercy shines forth from us whenever we reach out to the poor, the needy and the marginalized, etc. His mercy shines forth as we remain open to those who struggle in faith, as did Thomas the Apostle. Like Thomas, we should go beyond our doubt to the faith in Jesus. Genuine doubts about the doctrines encourages us to study them more closely and thus grow in our faith. Over and above all, we must remember that our faith is always a gift of God, not our own doing or the product of our over-rationalization. Thus, we need to accompany our faith with daily prayer, the study of the Word of God and active participation in the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Finally, we must have the courage to share our faith, as St Thomas and the other Apostles did, with our children, families and neighbours. St John XIII says “Every believer in the world must become a spark of Christ's light.” Happy Easter!



Marty Burns                            -2nd                              Fr. Al                           - 5th

Glenn Harvey                          - 5th                              Fr. Yves Mass             - 25th

 Anne-Marie Plante                 - 7th

Diana Foley                             - 18th                            Carole Douaire            – 26th

Isabel Carolina St-Louis         - 20th                            Daphne Vachon          – 26th

Marie Cook                             - 29th                            Cornelius Foley           - 29th


Members of the St. Al’s Sewing Group will have Raffle tickets available for a painting by Anne-Marie Plante.  All proceeds will go to the repair of a crack in the Parish Hall foundation.  The draw will be take place on June 18th after Mass.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  See Carol, Pauline, Ann, Gaby, Louise L. or any other member of the Sewing Group.  Thank you for your support of this much needed repair. 



SPRING AUCTION – OLA - Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish will be holding a Spring Auction on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 at the Church Centre, 189 Archambault Street, Gatineau (Hull Sector).  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for viewing, bidding starts at 6:30 p.m. Admission $2. Draws will be held for door prizes throughout the evening. For additional information, tel. 819-771-4613 or 819-777-8825.

Portes ouvertes chez deux communautés religieuses dans l'Archidiocèse de Gatineau. 


Il y aura dans l'Archidiocèse de Gatineau une activité spéciale le dimanche 30 avril (style les journées de la culture du Québec)

« Au-delà des murs.» Un regard sur la vie consacrée.  Deux communautés religieuses feront des visites guidées de leur lieu d'apostolat de 13h30 à 15h30: les Soeurs de la Sainte Famille de Bordeaux au Centre de Prière Béthel, 1, rue Donat St-Amour à Masson et Les Frères du Sacré-Coeur à la Maison Hôte, 45, rue Prévost, Hull. C'est gratuit et ouvert à tout le monde.