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Past bulletins




Reading I                             Exodus 17.8-13

Responsorial Psalm:             Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Reading II                            2 Timothy 3.14-4.2

Gospel:                                Luke 18.1-8


·         Lord, you puzzle me. I hear you telling me to persist, I hear you say, “God will quickly grant justice.” But then I think of good people suffering, of children dying, of Jews in Auschwitz, still singing the psalms as they walked into the gas chambers. Surely there are times when you delay in helping us?

·         At times like this I turn to the memory of your passion and your agonized prayer in the garden. You have faced a dark and apparently empty heaven, yet stayed faithful.  Keep me with you.




Oct. 9:                $1,134.60                                Attendance:    87



       Oct. 8:                    $470                          Attendance:  31         


Fri. Oct. 14                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Oct. 15                   4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Gail Powers by Helen

                                                                And Fern Laliberte

Sun. Oct. 16                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Arthur Cook by

                                                                The Gatineau Friendship Club

Wed. Oct. 19                9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. Oct. 21                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Oct. 22                   4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) 18th Anniversary Mass for

                                                                Guy Cyr by The Cyr Family

Sun. Oct. 23                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Theresa Lalonde and

                                                                Diane Price by Clare Chamaillard

Wed. Oct. 26                9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. Oct. 28                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Oct. 29                   4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Athur and Violet Foley

                                                                by the Family

Sun. Oct. 30                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Arthur Cook by

                                                                Moe and Nancy Lambert

Wed. Nov. 2                 9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. Nov. 4                    9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Nov. 5                    4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Angus and Nina Burns

                                                                by Gail Burns

Sun. Nov. 6                   11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Adalgisa Martire by

                                                                The Bernier Family


Constancy in Prayer

Today's readings centre on prayer. They speak about perseverance in prayer, constancy in prayer and trust in God as we pray. They also speak about the justice of God that reaches out to the poor and weak enabling them to fight against injustice. In the first reading, Moses makes tireless intercession with constancy for the victory of Israelites in the war. As long as Moses keeps his arms raised, the Israelites do well, but when his arms lower, his army seems to be losing. Moses therefore stays with his prayer” until the enemy is defeated. His persistence spells military victory for Israel. St Paul, in the second reading, tells Timothy to persevere in his ministry; to proclaim the word of God with persistence in all circumstances and to use it to “teach, reprove, correct and train in righteousness.”  Jesus’ parable of the unjust judge and the persistent widow emphasizes the “necessity of praying always and not losing heart.” Constancy in prayer is Faith in action. The widow is a model of trust and tenacity for Christians.


Jesus, by this gospel, is not comparing God to the unjust judge thereby suggesting that he answers prayer only to avoid being bothered. The point being made by Jesus is that if a godless judge can restore justice to a person persistently pleading for redress, how much more will a God of justice surely act in favour of those who plead unceasingly with their hearts. In an age accustomed to instant coffee and instant results, we are impatient with what appears to be an endless delays. To be noted, however, is that the values we cherish are not instantly available. Values like peace and justice take time to establish. The danger is that we give up too quickly. Persistence is needed: we have to invest our time in what we believe.


Brothers and sisters, we need to combine formal prayers with active prayers. Our formal, liturgical prayers are important. Our personal prayers are important too. But bringing ourselves into God’s presence during our works several times in the course of our day is also needed. There is a Latin adagelaborare est orare’( to work is to pray). A consistent commitment to good in carrying out our daily duties is prayer of a sort; a very important one for that matter. A combination of formal prayers and prayers in action (active prayers) enables us to pray always and pray with constancy and trusting perseverance.


Finally, we have to realize that God does not write a blank check thereby guaranteeing whatever we want in whatever forms we ask for it. He knows what we need and when we need it and how to give it. Sincere and persistent prayer makes us ready to accept his will. Such prayer reshapes our hearts to God’s original design. Such prayer does not change God; instead it changes us. Prayer must become like eating and breathing. We have to eat daily. We also have to take breaths always.



The Archbishop’s Monthly Pray Intentions:

October 2016

« Let us pray that each country has the concern of equitable sharing in the common good, and that World Mission Day renews in every Christian community the joy and responsibility of proclaiming the Gospel. »


 Social Reflection: The World is divided into two parts, North and South. The Western countries often take advantage of the vulnerability of the countries in the Southern hemisphere. In so-called “Northern” countries, there is a «South», where many people live in precarious situation and exclusion. The majority of them are being exploited by the system and are caught in the poverty trap. What can we do on October 17th , World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty, to help those who have urgent needs?



        Organization for our murder mystery play, always a popular event has begun, we will require 7-8 aspiring actors for this year's production.

If you are interested in acting or just helping out behind the scenes, please contact, Diane Joanisse at 819-775-8941.


For our Christmas Craft Sale, we will be renting approx. 10 tables, the cost of these tables will be $15 each or two for $25, if you or someone you know is interested in renting please contact Susan Arnold at 819-663-3619.



            St. Aloysius annual Turkey supper will be held on Saturday November 12th at 5 p.m.. Tickets will be $12 for adults, $7 for children 6-12 years of age and free for 5 and under.   See Susan Arnold for tickets





On Friday, October 21st at 7 p.m., families and children – all ages - are invited for a sing-along and other activities….  Join in the fun and bring a friend, at St. Aloysius Parish.





      Next is World Mission Sunday.  Every parish across the world will celebrate this unique Sunday.  It is a global sign of the Universal Church and Mission.  Your prayers and donations will help support churches, hospitals, schools, and vocations in countries where the Church is beginning, where it is new.  Please be as generous as possible to the collection for the Propagation of the Faith, for more than 1200 dioceses in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and some of our Canadian dioceses that depend on the World Mission Collection.