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Past bulletins


May 28/29, 2016



Reading I                             Genesis 14.18-20

Responsorial Psalm:             You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek.

Reading II                            1 Corinthians 11.23-26

Gospel:                                Luke 9.11b-17


·         “You give them something to eat.” Lord, what did you mean by that? One reading is that many people had brought food with them, but did not want to share it out until the apostles led the way with their five loaves and two fish. So Jesus’ miracle was to turn selfish, wary people into generous people, happy to share.

·         Lord, transform me in this same way.


May 22:             $921.75                       Attendance:    67



         May 21:                $431.75                                             32

Fri. May 27                   9:00 AM:          For Richard Butler by Paulette and Ron Pearce

Sat. May 28                  4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Stefan Roy by Kathy

                                                                And Maurice Amyot

Sun. May 29                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Helen Forsyth by

                                                                Shirley Quinn and the Paiement Family

Wed. June 1                  9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. June 3                     9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. June 4                    4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Kevin Burns by Gail

Sun. June 5                   11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Adalgisa Martire by

                                                                The Bernier Family

                                                                For Lorne Morey by Barbara and Family



The Archbishop’s Monthly Prayer Intentions:

May 2016

«So that the struggling families receive the necessary support so that their children can grow up in a healthy environment, and that the practice of prayer can be learned and spread throughout the families, especially for evangelization and peace.»


Social reflection:

Since the 1990’s in Quebec, there has been a re-evaluation of the family. Many government and municipalities have adopted birth and family policies, and developed leisure opportunities for young families. Many organizations come to the aid of vulnerable families; we need only think of Neighbourhood Houses, family assistance houses, and the clinics of the Dr. Julien Foundation for Social Pediatrics. Do we live a true family life? Are we solicited too much by exterior activities to pass some real quality time with our families?



Sunday, May 29th, 2016: I question myself on the place of the Eucharist in my life as a baptized person. And next time I enter a church, I will spend some time in front of the tabernacle, where the Blessed Sacrament is placed.



Frank Powers – 23rd                                        Donna Escander – 26th

Pat Prud’homme – 27th                                   John O’Farrell – 28th  

Paul Paiement Jr. – 28th                                              David and Lorraine Whitworth – 28th (56th)

Margaret and Gary Burns – 30th (24th)




Sponsor Mgr Paul-André Durocher for the 10 Km at the Ottawa Marathon


All amounts received will be allocated to the Ministry to university students at UQO.

The Archdiocese of Gatineau is proud to announce the launching of a new project in collaboration with the Fabrique of St. Joseph, the community of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart: the establishment of a chaplaincy for students attending the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

The project, which will start in September 2016, will be hosted in Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church, a few blocks away from the principal campus of UQO.

It will be a place to meet and to find support and accompaniment for those young adults who want it.

In order to implement this project, the archdiocese must ensure the salary of a lay pastoral associate, about $35 000 a year. You can help to ensure this service by sponsoring Monseigneur Paul-André during the 10 Kilometre run on Saturday May 28. Thank you for your generous support.

            Clicking on the following link for access to the sponsor form:

            You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, or check.  The income tax receipt will automatically be issued by the diocese.



June Quinn                  5th

Margaret Paiement      9th

Val Gagnon                 12th

Adeline Gendron        14th

Kathy Amyot              17th

Jane Pickering             17th

Carole Fraser               19th

JoAnne Lambert         20th

Paulette & Ron Pearce – 24th (49th)

David Dumaresq         29th


                    The parish is in need of a few more Ministers of Hospitality, ushers, as some are no longer available.

                    As many of you are aware, this not a difficult task and it would be greatly appreciated if you would come forward and volunteer.

                    Please call Mike McCann as soon as possible, if you can help, so he can make the summer schedule from June to September.






Victoria's Quilts Canada is still delivering quilts  or mailing them all across Canada to fill requests for people who have been hit with cancer.  As of February 29, 2016 that total was 48,865.  The main fundraiser to keep this going is the Quilt Raffle. 

            Ann Smits will have the Victoria's Quilts Quilt Raffle tickets here at St. Aloysius after mass. The tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

            Also, if you have any questions about requesting a quilt you can go online at , call them at 613-843-9212, or call Ann at 819-246-7376 and she can help you with this.



To all Priests and Parish Pastoral Workers, Permanent Deacons, Diaconate candidates, Seminarians, Members of the éLAP or local Pastoral Teams, Fabrique Presidents or their Delegate, The Persons in charge of a Diocesan Movement, All those exercising Pastoral Leadership in their Parish,

You are cordially invited to the Diocesan Pastoral Launching 2015-2016 to be held on Wednesday June 8th at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church, 300, de l’Abbé-Murray St. Gatineau, from 9am to 12.30pm to prepare the coming Pastoral year (beginning in September). The members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council propose this year a half a day launch in June, followed by another half a day, this Fall in each sector of the Diocese.

            In line with our Diocesan priority: Free the Gifts, Share the Word. We will focus on accompanying those Volunteers engaged in our Christian communities. We will ask ourselves: ‘What motivate their implication?’ ‘What accompaniment should we offer them?’

Hoping to share with you on the 2016-2017 Pastoral Launching event,

 Suzie Arsenault and Philippe Gendron,

On behalf of the Diocesan Pastoral Council.