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Past bulletins


June 27/28, 2015


Reading I                             Wisdom 1.13-15; 2.23-24

Responsorial Psalm:             I will extol you, Lord, for you have raised me up.

Reading II                            2 Corinthians 8.7, 9, 13-15

Gospel:                                Mark 5.21-43


·                    Faith heals people as they meet Jesus.

·                    Prayer is one way of strengthening faith: Prayer is an entry into the world of mystery, where we cannot name everything nor know everything.  There is knowledge of the heart which is the knowledge of faith.  We are open to that through the faith-life of others.



June 21:                         $643.05



          June 20:                         $274.50                       Attendance:  19

Sat. June 27                    4:30 PM:         (St. Columban) For Mark Foley by

                                                                Amanda, Marty and Hannah Burns

Sun. June 28                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Cathy Sellen by

                                                                Theresa Lalonde and Jack Wiggins

Wed. July 1                     9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Fri. July 3                        9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. July 4                       4:30 PM:         (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. July 5                    11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

Wed. July 8                     9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Fri. July 10                      9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. July 11                     4:30 PM:         (St. Columban) For Gilles Malette by

                                                                Gail Burns

Sun. July 12                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

Wed. July 15                   9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Fri. July 17                      9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. July 18                   4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. July 19                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

Wed. July 22                   9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Fri. July 24                      9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. July 25                   4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. July 26                  11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

Wed. July 29                   9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Fri. July 31                      9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. Aug. 1                    4:30 PM:          (St. Collumban) For all parishioners

Sun. Aug. 2                   11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners


Monthly Prayer Intentions from the Bishop: June 2015 :


“That political responsibility be exercised at all levels of government as a high form of charity “ 


Reflection on Social Issues:  Politics in Quebec and Canada does not always enjoy a good reputation. It is distrusted and ridiculed by many.  Yet political activity is noble in that it serves society and the common good.  Quebec MPP Martine Ouellette writes in her book:  «I understood early on in my career as a political militant that my commitment was a formidable one, a powerful way to change things, to promote the common good and foster social and economic development for people.[1] As Christians, how do we define ourselves in regards to the public square and political activity?


Our Faith Response:  In the New Testament, Jesus invites us to build the Kingdom of God.  The first believers had to set up communities of believers. These continued to play a spiritual and political role in society.  Christians are called to experience a political reflection based on love of neighbour, the common good and a preferential option for the poor.  We are invited, through our ecclesial, social and community commitments to let Christian principles inform all of our decisions.  How do we apply Christian principles to our decisions?   


Questions we need to ask ourselves

As summer begins, I begin to think about my own social or political commitment in view of building a better world. 


141st ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE to the Shrines of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and Cap-de-la-Madeleine from the Arch(dioceses) of Ottawa, Gatineau, Pembroke, Mont-Laurier, Alexandria/Cornwall and Kingston on August 8-9.

Weekend Celebrant is Bishop Marcel Damphousse, Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

Info & reservations: Mike Budge (613 224-8110). Space is limited; recommended you reserve early.



Summer is almost here and many of us travel or go to cottages which results in decreased attendance.  However, bills still have to be paid!  If you would like to continue your church financial support, even when away, you can make an on-line donation at  Scroll the right side of the screen and click on 'I make an on-line donation'.  The screen will be English from then on.  This is a service offered by the diocese; we receive 100% of your donation and it doesn't cost us a cent!


OUR LADY OF KNOCK SHRINE 61st Pilgrimage - Our Lady of Knock, Mayo- August 16th - Father Michael Leclerc, St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, Montreal, will be the celebrant and homilist. Please reserve this date. More information will follow.                          


Volunteers needed:  The Soupière de l'Amitié urgently needs volunteers to help with the lunch during the summer.  Their need is between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  If you can help, even for just one day, please phone 819-663-6777 and leave your contact information and they will get in touch with you.  


            The Office will be closed from June 24th to July 13th, as Carol will be on holidays.  Enjoy your summer!





            If you are interested in having collections envelopes for either parish, please contact the office or your financial warden, Diane Ford.  Envelopes are a convenient way to make your contribution to support your church and at the same time receive an Income tax receipt.  Receipts are issued at the end of the year in time for your tax return.


77TH ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE TO ST. ANN, Cormac, Ontario will be on Sunday, June 26th with Bishop Michael Mulhall and Father Scott McCaig.  The theme of the Pilgrimage will be "Eucharistic Amazement!” the Principal Mass will be celebrated at 11 a.m., and a mass for healing will be celebrated at 2 p.m.  For more information, please see:




Marie and John Cook              1st - 56 yrs.

Franklin and Gail Powers -     2nd - 55 yrs.           Yves and Gloria Cyr   4th – 62 yrs.

Diane Joanisse                         2nd                          Molly Dallaire                  3rd                              John Burich                                 10th                        Paul  Gendron                   13th  

Donna Paquette                      14th                        Dick and Jane Pickering - 15th - 48 yrs.          Nancy Grenier-Lambert           16th                        Helen Forsyth                   20th

Gary Burns                              20th                        Robert Lalonde                 22nd

René-Paul Gendron                28th                        Louise MacMillian 31st




As requested by parishioners this is an update on financial expenditures (over and above) the regular upkeep we have incurred over the  last while are as follows: 1..paving and repair of sink hole in parking lot 2..roof repairs and eave troughs 3...Brick and parging of building.  Lastly please note that collections are down which make it difficult to continue various projects without going into our contingency fund.(the one for the furnace replacement , when need, as discussed at the AGM). Thank you

                                                                       Financial warden Diane Ford



Thursday, September 10th, Shotgun start at noon at Kingsway Park Golf Club.  For more information and to register, please call Lise Rochette 819-771-8391 (ext. 234)