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Past bulletins


April 25, 2015



Reading I                             Acts 4.7-12

Responsorial Psalm:             The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

Reading II                            1 John 3.1-2

Gospel:                                John 10.11-18


·                         The love of Jesus is the self-sacrificing love which we see on the cross.  It is the love which can always see the resurrection ahead of some form or other.

·                         In caring for all people, Jesus knew something of the resurrection for in love are the seeds of resurrection.  We rise about the self-centeredness that confines and narrows us, to the outgoing love which expands our hearts and minds, as our hearts and minds grow to be like the heart and mind of Jesus.






            April 18:          $433.80                       Attendance: 36


            April 19:          $819.20


Friday, April 24              9:00 AM:         For Mike Charron by Eleanor Taylor

Sat. April 25                   4:30 PM:         (St. Columban) For Jessie Foley by Corney, Diana,

                                                                         Paul, Paul Jr. and Nicole

Sun. April 26                11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For John Harney by Lorraine and

                                                                Dave Whitworth

Tues. April 28                 1:00 PM          Bible Study

Wed. April 29               9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. May 1                     9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. May 2                    4:30 PM:          (St. Columban) For Shirley Maisonneuve by

                                                                Gail Burns

Sun. May 3                   11:00 AM:         (St. Columban) For Jean Fraser-Harkess by

                                                                By Carole Fraser






That human beings learn to respect Creation and care for it as a gift from God.


Reflection on Social Issues: Many persons and groups in our society have taken to heart the various environmental threats. Every day we see the manifestation of collective and individual efforts. The Church appears to be somewhat lagging behind. Yet the Bible tells us that “we are stewards of creation”. Mgr Bertrand Blanchet asserts : “Concern for the environment is a ‘sign of the times’. How could it be otherwise when so many threats beset it! Many associations and institutions are devoted to the protection of the environment, but very rarely are their efforts informed by the light of the faith.”1 Our Faith Response : Eco-spirituality, or the spirituality of Creation is a concept of growing interest to Christian communities. “The Green Church”, an ecumenical program of growing importance in Quebec, is promoted by means of three spokes: Spirituality, awareness-raising and action.1 According to Normand Levesque, Christian ecological spirituality or eco-spirituality delves deeply into Franciscan spirituality but is also inspired by St.Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Kevin, St. Benedict and other saints. This type of spirituality recognizes the wisdom in Creation and attempts to protect its balances.”2 How can we, as believers and as Christian communities be eco-responsible as the Bible calls us to be?



Questions we need to ask ourselves

I will be informed about municipal activities involving spring cleaning of the environment and will form a parish group to get involved.1 If there is no collective activity in my community, I will foster one on my church’s grounds




Registration forms for Confirmation are available at the main entrance.  The age for Confirmation is 15.  Please fill them in and return to Carol at the parish office as soon as possible.  No starting date is set for the sessions.




We have started a bible study on Tuesday afternoons, at 1:00PM. It will be held in the balcony at the back of the church.  All are welcome.







Marty Burns                            -2nd                                          Norbert Daly   - 25th

Fr. Al                                       - 5th                                          Fr. Yves Mass - 25th

Anne-Marie Plante                 - 7th

Diana Foley                             - 18th                                        Theresa Lalonde – 26th

Isabel Carolina St-Louis         - 20th                                        Daphne Vachon – 26th

Marie Cook                             - 29th                                        Cornelius Foley- 29th




Greater Gatineau is still taking registrations for the 2015 – 2016 school year. If you have a younger child at home ready to start school or know of a friend, neighbour, or relative who has a kindergarten-aged child, please have them contact the office. Early registrations help us prepare for next year, so you can call and make an appointment with Nicole Leclerc to come in and register soon at 819-663-4842 ext.222.



Moe Lambert – 2nd                                          Jim Brownrigg -  5th

Blaise Foley – 10th                                           

Barbara Morey – 12th                                      Moe Amyot – 13th      

Shirley Daly – 14th                                          Louise & Gord MacMillian – 15th

Pauline Leduc – 16th                                                    Gail Nadeau – 17th                             

Donald  Richard – 18th                                   Ron Pearce – 18th

Pauline Leduc & Mike Groulx – 18th             Robert & Irene Lalonde – 21st

Frank Powers – 23rd                                        Donna Escander – 26th

Pat Prud’homme – 27th                                   John O’Farrell – 28th  

Paul Paiement Jr. – 28th                                              David and Lorraine Whitworth – 28th (55th)

Margaret and Gary Burns – 30th (23rd)