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Past bulletins


March 7/8, 2015



Reading I                             Exodus 20.1-17

Responsorial Psalm:             Lord, you have the words of eternal life.

Reading II                            1 Corinthians 1.18, 22-25++

Gospel:                                John 2.13-25


·                         Lent gives us new insights into how Jesus lived his life, always within the shadow of his death.  The glory of God here is Jesus fully alive to the exploitation of the poor, the mistreatment of the house of God, and fully alive to the faith that was beginning to grow in his disciples.

·                         Our prayer today might remember all who suffer and are endangered in their commitment to justice and right religion.






          March 1:            unavailable


Fri. Mar. 6             9:00 AM       For all parishioners

                              7:00 PM:       Stations of the Cross

Sat. Mar. 7             4:30 PM:       (St. Columban)For all parishioners

Sun. Mar. 8          11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Martha Jean Blake by the Family

Wed. Mar. 11        9:00 AM:      For all parishioners

Fri. Mar. 13           9:00 AM:      For all parishioners

                              7:00 PM:       Stations of the Cross

Sat. Mar. 14           4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) 13th Anniversary Mass for

                                                    Brian Prud’homme by Nora, Marlene and Pat

Sun. Mar. 15        11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Martha Jean Blake by the Family

Wed. Mar. 18        9:00 AM:      For all parishioners



We started our Lenten voyage on Ash Wednesday. Free the Gift, Share the Word has been chosen as the theme for the Diocesan Pastoral Priorities for 2014-2017. For year one, the focus is on welcoming. The Archbishop has suggested that we celebrate this Lenten season under a common banner


“Welcoming, A Journey towards Easter.” Part of this journey includes the singing of the theme composed by the Archbishop, ‘’Teach us, Loving God.’’ Copies of the hymn can be found in each pew.


The Gospel readings for the five Sundays of Lent this year really lend themselves well to an ongoing reflection on the role of welcoming in a Christian life. Each Sunday there will be a paragraph in the bulletin reflecting on the readings to assist parishioners with their special Lenten prayer intentions



3rd Sunday : Welcoming,  A Way of Grace


            Jesus overturns the tables of the money-changers and vendors at the Temple. Through this prophetic act, Jesus want to show us that our relationship with God cannot be an object of mercantile exchange: it is a reality rooted in grace, where all is free. In a world where everything is commercialized, where everything has a price, the act of welcoming opens a space of freedom and of grace where the other can be received without expectation of reward or return.


PASTORAL PRIORITY – Free the Gifts, Share the Word


We will be offering the second Workshop (Developing welcoming Communities) on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at St. Aloysius Church at 7:00 p.m.


Thank you,

Jo Anne Lambert (819) 6630-9620

 “Consecrated Life”


That during this year dedicated to the consecrated life, men and women religious may rediscover the joy of following Christ and may commit themselves with holy zeal in service to the poor. 


Reflection on Social Issues:  Throughout our diocesan history, men and women religious, by means of their work in the fields of education, health and social work have been close to the reality of the people by living amongst them and being sensitive to human suffering.  Today, religious congregations are no longer recognized through their habits, their charities, their knowledge or their size, but rather through a discrete presence in and amongst lay people supporting their projects for the poor and the marginalized of society.  The consecrated life remains a testimony which can still influence a world in search of meaning and a coming-to-be.  The foremost areas of commitment for the CRC (Canadian Religious Conference) are social justice, peace, and respect for Creation.


Our Faith Response:  Inspired by the charism or spirituality of this or that religious congregation, lay people are now stepping up to transform the world.  Through their being and their action, these religious and lay persons reveal the nearness and the face of God amongst us, bringing a positive -- evangelical even – influence to bear on the world around them.


Questions we need to ask ourselves


I will inquire about the presence of those in religious life in my community and the works they do amongst the unfortunate.   I could invite one of them to speak in my parish.



Registration forms for Confirmation are available at the main entrance.  The age for Confirmation is 15.  Please fill them in and return to Carol at the parish office as soon as possible.  No starting date is set for the sessions.




John Stanyar               - 6th

Diane Ford                  -10th

Mary Connelly            -10th

Janice Nadeau             - 14th

Anne Bokovay            -15th

Katy Brownrigg          - 15th

Nathaniel Dupuis        - 16th

Anthony Lalonde        - 19th

Peyton Dupuis                        - 22nd




– Responding to the cry of the rural poor with the bishops of Brazil In all places and circumstances, Christians, with the help of their pastors, are called to hear the cry of the poor. This has been eloquently stated by the bishops of Brazil: “We wish to take up daily the joys and hopes, the difficulties and sorrows of the Brazilian people, especially of those living in the barrios and the countryside – landless, homeless, lacking food and health care – to the detriment of their rights. Seeing their poverty, hearing their cries and knowing their sufferings, we are scandalized because we know that there is enough food for everyone and that hunger is the result of a poor distribution of goods and income.

– Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, 191.


DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has been working with the Brazilian bishops for many years to respond to the cry of the poor. Your generosity helps fund our partnership with their Pastoral Land Commission, which works to support the rural poor through agricultural development and land reform. You can learn more about our work by picking up Share Lent materials at the back of the Church or by visiting


The Share Lent collection for DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, March 22nd.