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Past bulletins


May 11, 2014



Reading I                    Acts 2.14a, 36b-41

Responsorial Psalm:    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Reading II                   1 Peter 2.20b-25

Gospel                         John 10.1-10


·         Jesus talks a lot about giving life and about the fullness of life.  It’s not just for hereafter.  Eternal life is our faith in him and in his word.

·         We are called to be life-givers, to facilitate the full life of justice, compassion and peace.  We are called to be ministers of life, serving the God who loves all life.






            May 3:             unavailable



            May 4:             $698.10


Sat. May 10           4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) For Edwin and Vera Murphy by

                                                    The Family

Sun. May 11        11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Doreen Patterson by Bob & Family


Sat. May 17           4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. May 18        11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Mass of Thanksgiving by a parishioner





Moe Lambert – 2nd                                          Jim Brownrigg -  5th

Blaise Foley – 10th                                           

Barbara Morey – 12th                                      Moe Amyot – 13th      

Shirley Daly – 14th                                          Louise & Gord MacMillian – 15th

Pauline Leduc – 16th                                                    Gail Nadeau – 17th                             

Donald  Richard – 18th                                   Ron Pearce – 18th

Pauline Leduc & Mike Groulx – 18th             Robert & Irene Lalonde – 21st

Frank Powers – 23rd                                        Donna Escander – 26th

Pat Prud’homme – 27th                                   John O’Farrell – 28th  

Paul Paiement Jr. – 28th                                              David and Lorraine Whitworth – 28th (54th)

Margaret and Gary Burns – 30th (22nd)






Theme “Families united in the joy of the Lord”.

That the family may be respected by all in its identity and its irreplaceable contributions to society as a whole. (Benedict XVI)


Reflection on Social Issues:

We live in such a fast-paced society.  Success in life depends on being competitive.  “Traffic, job, bed” sometimes appears to sum up our lives.  For the past twenty years, various government policies have been attempting to sustain the family:  subsidized day-care, family-oriented initiatives in many municipalities, parental leave, etc.  Do we ourselves take the time to stop and increase the quality of our own family life?


Our Faith Response :

 “That the family may be the protector of life and of creation.”  This was the wish expressed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Council for the Family.


The family is the first school of prayer, where children may learn of and experience a sense of God, thanks to the teaching and example of their parents.  The first tentative steps of our education are they not taken within the family?  Surely it is also the place where we can   rediscover the beauty of communal prayer.  It is through prayer that we learn to approach God intimately and deeply.  In silence the Holy Family will teach us the attitudes of contemplation and reverence which allow us to listen for good inspiration within the words of true teachers, in spite of the clamor, the cries and the worries which assail us in our modern noisy lives.  


Questions we need to ask ourselves

11 May (beginning of Quebec Week of the Family): This Mother’s Day, will I take time to celebrate with my family the joy brought by mothers? What special attention could I bring to my mother this weekend?



            Sponsor Bishop Paul-André Durocher, Archbishop of Gatineau for his 10Km in the Ottawa Marathon on Saturday, May 24th, 2014. All funds raised will be used to fund the studies of the two candidates for priesthood. Training costs are about $35,000 annually per candidate. The fund was created to financially support their training.

            A receipt for the purposes of income tax will be issued for all donations over $10. Thank you for your encouragement and contribution. For more information, contact: Lise Rochette, Development Officer at 819 771-8391 ext 234 or You can contribute online via our website : (Make an online donation)