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Past bulletins


March 22/23, 2014



Reading I                    Exodus 17.3-7

Responsorial Psalm:    O that today you would listen to the voice of the Lord.

                                    Do not harden your hearts!

Reading II                   Romans 5.1-2, 5-8

Gospel                         John  4.5-15, 19-26, 39a, 40-42

·         The Samaritan woman might have been angry or fled from this man who broke all the rules by speaking to her.  Instead, she was astonished – and answered Jesus with a question of her own.

·         She may not yet have come to belief, but by her response she laid herself open to something new which might change her life.

·         Am I open to such a confronting, personal encounter with Jesus?



            March 15:                    $438.00                       Attendance:    38



             March 16:                       $1102.00

             Spring Supper/Auction:  $1740.00


Fri. March 21          9:00 AM:     For Ethel Connelly and James Mulcahey by

                                                    Phyllis Mulcahey

Sat. March 22         4:30 PM:      (St. Columban) For Doris Burke and Ruth Burke

                                                    by Anne Bokovay

Sun. March 23       11:00 AM:    (St. Aloysius) Anniversary Mass for Ron Latrielle

                                                    by Rita and Family

                                4:00 PM:     Eucharistic Adoration

Sat. March 29          4:30 PM:     (St. Columban) 7th Anniversary Mass for Johnnie Prud’homme by Nora, Marlene and Pat

Sun. March 30        11:00 AM:   (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

                                 4:00 PM:    Eucharistic Adoration



            Father Gyan will be away for 2 months, leaving on March 30th and Father Albanus Ogowuihe will be replacing him during his absence.



Raffle tickets are on sale for a painting of Pink Lake in Gatineau Park.  The painting was painted and donated by Diane Joanisse.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Draw will take place at our Murder Mystery.  Please see Diane or Carol for tickets.




Marty Burns                            - 2nd                                         Norbert Daly               - 25th

Natasha Dupuis                       - 14th                                        Fr. Yves Masse           - 25th

Diana Foley                             - 18th                                        Theresa Lalonde          - 26th

Isabel Carolina St-Louis         - 20th                                        Daphne Vachon          - 26th

Marie Cook                             - 29th                                        Cornelius Foley           - 29th                                                      

A PRAYER FOR THE HUNGRY: The Richness of your Harvest

During Lent this year, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is raising awareness about hunger in the world with its One Human Family, Food for All Share Lent campaign. Here is a prayer for the one billion people in the world who do not have enough to eat:


Thank you for the smile of the child: eyes bright, belly full, licking the last caked crumbs from his spoon.

Thank you for the pride of the woman: arms spread, palms stretched, heavy with her first year’s harvest.

Thank you for the joy of the man: coming home to his family’s future with fair payment for his crops.

Thank you for the love of the neighbour: seeing another’s need, sharing from the little she owns.

Thank you for the hope that we share: determination that all should enjoy the richness of your harvest.


Food sovereignty is helping to alleviate hunger

Food sovereignty is the right of people to healthy food and the right to define their own own food and agricultural systems. DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is supporting several local organizations in the Global South who are promoting food sovereignty as a way to help communities affected by poverty and hunger have access to land, seeds and fair prices at the market so they can feed their families. In Haiti, these projects are making a difference in the lives of many. Women are learning to plant fruit tree nurseries. They can use the fruit not only as nourishment but also to earn an income. Learn more about DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE’s work on food sovereignty in Haiti in a new documentary called On the Road to Food Sovereignty. Watch it at Support DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE and contribute to solutions towards ending hunger!


MURDER MYSTERY EVENING - Back by popular demand, St. Aloysius will be hosting another murder mystery with 2 performances April 25th-26th. Once again this event will include dessert, coffee/tea, BYOB, prizes and lots of good entertainment. For this year's production, we encourage everyone to dress as they would for a local county fair "fête" and join in on all of the fun. Tickets will be $10.00 each, they can be purchased after mass, in the church office or from any of the wardens, get yours early as there will only be 100 seats available per night. For more detailed information, you can contact Diane at 819-775-8941.