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Past bulletins


September 14/15, 2013

Reading I                             Exodus 32.7-11, 13-14

Responsorial Psalm:             I will get up and go to my Father.

Reading II                            1 Timothy 1.12-17

Gospel:                                Luke 15.1-32


·         This is the point at which my prayer begins: the father (Jesus’ most developed image of God) is not sitting at home brooding about the “mistake” of financing his younger son’s follies, but standing at his doorway, scanning the road by which the boy may come back; running to embrace him, silencing his apologies, calling a party to celebrate his own joy.

·         Lord, you are watching out for me, I do not need to make speeches to you, but simply to enjoy your embrace.




            August 31                   $418.25                                   Attendance:    n/a

            Sept. 8                         $590.42                                                           47



      September 9                   $943.41                                   Attendance:    96


Sat. Sept. 14          4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) For Martin Burke by Gail Burns

Sun. Sept. 15       11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) for Stella McCarthy & Carole Kehoe by

                                                    Ann Melvin

                              4:00 PM:       Eucharistic Adoration

Fri. Sept. 20           9:00 PM:       For all parishioners of St. Aloysius and St. Columban

Sat. Sept. 21          4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) For Agnes Burke by Gail Burns

Sun. Sept. 22       11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For All parishioners of St. Aloysius and

                                                    St. Columban

                               2:00 PM:      St. Columban Cemetery Service

                               4:00 PM:      Eucharistic Adoration



            If you wish to have prayers said for yourself or loved ones, please join us at the front of the Church after Mass every Sunday where people will be available to pray with you.

            Please see Barbara Morey for more information.


St. Columban Cemetery Service will be held on Sunday, September 22nd, at 2 p.m. at the cemetery.  In case of rain, service will be held at the church.


St. Elizabeth – Cantley – Sept. 15 at 2 p.m.

Sainte-Antoine-de-Padoue – Sept. 15 at 9:45 a.m.

St-Jean-Marie Vianney Cemetery – Labrosse – Sept 22 at 11 a.m.

St-Paul Cemetery – Aylmer Road – Sept 15 at 2 p.m.

Quinnville Cemetery – Sunday, Sept. 22 at 2p.m. (if rain, will be at the church)


50/50 DRAW Congratulations to Diane Brownrigg, the winner of this month’s 50/50 draw.  Diane and the church both received $108.50.  Next month’s draw will be held on October 6th.  Thank you for your support.




            Last spring, workshops were held in French to train lay men and women to lead Sunday Celebrations of the Word in parishes when a priest is not available to preside at the Eucharist. Archbishop Durocher has developed new guidelines for the diocese in this regard, and it is important that we all be on the same wavelength when it comes to this reality.

            Archbishop Durocher is pleased to offer the same workshop for the English sector of our diocese. Each parish should designate a small team (three or four parishioners) who can participate in this training and be available to lead Sunday Celebrations of the Word when called to do so in their parish. These individuals are invited to attend the training session which will be held on Tuesday evening October 22nd at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish, 300 de l’Abbé-Murray St. in Gatineau. The meeting will start at 6:00 pm with a light lunch, courtesy of the Diocese. We’ll get down to business at 6:30 and finish at 9:00 pm (we realize that a weekday evening is difficult for some, but the next Saturday which is free for Archbishop Durocher is January!).

            The resource book which will guide our discussion is published by the CCCB under the title “Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours”. Each parish should have at least one “ambo” edition (hard cover – larger format) as well as a couple of “study” editions (soft cover – smaller format) for individual members of the team.

                        +Paul-André Durocher





            On Saturday, September 21st at 5:00 p.m. there will be a fund-raising Spaghetti Supper/Dance in St. Aloysius Parish. Music will be provided by Debbie McCann. If you are interested in helping out with this event, please contact Diane Joanisse at 819-775-8941."  Tickets are $10 per adult and $5 for children 6 to 12 and children 5 and under are free.  For your tickets, see Diane Joanisse, or call/see Carol at the office 819-663-5244.



            During the month of October, the month of Holy Rosary there will be the Recitation of the rosary every evening at 19h00 (7 p.m.) in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  The special intention is for Our Lord to provide priestly and religious vocations in our diocese of Gatineau.  It will be in St. Aloysius church.  We need to pray for vocations.  Pleaes come and bring your children.  Hoping to see you; the Lord counts on your presence.  And, as you know, Jesus never refuses his dear mother Mary when we are sincere and humble of heart in our prayer.

                                                                                   John and Marie Cook


             Given the low numbers of engaged couples requiring English-language preparation in view of the sacrament of Marriage, the team that has been leading weekends over the past few years has decided to offer its program on an individual / small group basis. Engaged couples will meet individually or in small groups with team couples over a period of time, according to a timetable that will be determined with them according to their availability.

             Mrs. Ginette Delorme at the Diocesan Centre will act as contact person for this new format. All engaged couples wishing to prepare their Marriage in English should be directed to contact her by phone (819-771-8391, ext. 222) or by email at:

+ Paul-André Durocher

Archbishop of Gatineau