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Past bulletins


December 3/4, 2011



Reading I                             Isaiah 40.1-5, 9-11

Responsorial Psalm:             Show us your steadfast love, O Lord and grant us your salvation.

Reading II                            2 Peter 3.8-14

Gospel:                                Mark 1.1-8


·         John the Baptist preached forgiveness.  This is one of the special gifts of God and one of the big celebrations of Advent.  We are a forgiven people and we welcome the forgiveness of God in our repentance.

·         This means we are firstly grateful for forgiveness – that we do not have to carry forever the burden of our sin, meanness, faults and failings.  God covers them over in mercy.

·         The second step of welcoming forgiveness is to try to do better in life – to move on from this sinfulness and meanness to a life of care, compassion, love and joy and to make steps to forgive others.




November 26:                $826.00                       Attendance:    28



      November 27:                $1608.16                     Attendance:    68



Sat. Dec 3            4:30 PM:        (St. Columban) For Mina Burns by Gail Burns

Sun. Dec. 4          11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For John Kopil and Karen Shopis by

                                                    Ann Melvin

                             4:00 PM:        Eucharistic Adoration

Fri. Dec. 9           9:00 AM:       For David Kolesar by Larry & John Kolesar and Family

Sat. Dec. 10         4:30 PM:        (St. Columban) For Jessie Foley by Marty, Amanda

                                                    and Hannah

Sun. Dec. 11        11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Blanche Legare by The Friendship Club

                                                    Anniversary Mass for Dick Butler by Nancy & Family

                              4:00 PM:       Eucharistic Adoration




            If you are interested in having collections envelopes for either parish, please contact the office or one of your Wardens.  Envelopes are a convenient way to make your contribution to support your church and at the same time receive an Income tax receipt.  Receipts are issued at the end of the year in time for your tax return.



            The annual Christmas food drive will start next week.  Please feel free to donate canned food, pickles, pasta, rice, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc.  We will be collecting specifically for the Christmas food baskets up to December 18, but please continue to donate throughout the year.  Thank you for your cooperation in bringing a Merry Christmas to the less fortunate in our community.

                                                                        The Charitable Fund




            Thank you for all the people who attended our turkey supper on November 19th.  Thank you also to all the parishioners who had donated pies, their time and talents to help in many different ways.  We greatly appreciate your help.  Because of this support, we had raised $1,760.00.  Thank you again.

                                                            Susan Arnold, Social Warden




            You will see a tree at the back of the church with pink and blue angels on it.  This tree represents the children that are helped with our Christmas Baskets.   Each angel is a child that we help, showing their age on the back.  We include a gift for each of them in our food baskets. We would appreciate if you would take one or two angels home and buy a gift for them.  Please wrap the gift and have it returned to the parish by December 15th.  You may leave them at the back of the church or bring them to the office.  Please do not include your name on the gift and make sure the angel tab is attached on the outside of the gift. Thank you for your support.

                                                                        The Charitable Fund



            Christmas is near and there are more needy families than last year.  If you can help, please leave donations in the boxes at either entrance.  If you want a Tax Receipt, those with Church Envelopes put your number on the donation envelope mark it “Charitable Fund” and put it in the collection basket.  Those without Church Envelopes, can do the same, but include your name and address on a slip of paper inside with your donation.

                                                                        St. Al’s Charitable Fund




We could do it in two ways:
1.         You could make a financial donation in the box designated for this at the main and           side entrances.
2.         You could bring a poinsettia to the church yourself in memory of a deceased relative.        If possible bring them December 18th (St. Al’s) and 24th (St. Columban).


IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN - Christmas is almost here!! 

            On Sunday, December 18th after the 11:00 am Mass, we will be decorating the Church for the Christmas season. You are all invited to come and participate in this community event. Bring your lunch and help us to bring the holiday spirit to life in our Church.  We will provide coffee, juice and sweets.

            If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help out more with decorating for the Christmas season, please contact Jo Anne Lambert at (819) 663-9620

Message from The Most Reverend Paul-André Durocher

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful symphonic concert. Between the third and fourth movements, a door opened onto the stage to allow a musician to discretely take his place.  He was a percussionist who would play a superb set of bells during the last movement.


For a diocese, the transition between two bishops feels a bit like the pause between two movements in a symphony. The music stops for a moment, the orchestra and audience breathe a bit, seats are adjusted and everyone gets ready to take up the musical flow once again. The conductor takes up his baton, and we’re off. The music will be different in its rhythm and variations but it’s still the same symphony, the same great work being deployed in time and space, touching minds and moving hearts.


I feel somewhat like that musician who, between two movements, makes his entry onto the stage to take up his place in the orchestra. Obviously, my entry will be less discrete than that of my percussionist friend. It will be accompanied by liturgical celebrations, shared meals, pastoral visits and many conversations. But deep down, I’m only coming to take my place and add my voice to a beautiful orchestra which is already involved in the performance of a splendid work of art.


Now, please note: the conductor does not change. I don’t see the bishop as the maestro of the performance. Rather, it is Christ who leads us in the realization of this work, and Christ’s Spirit who flows through us keeping us on beat and in tune. Perhaps one could speak of the bishop as the concertmaster, the first among the violins who, under the direction of the conductor, does play a major role in the orchestra. Still, Christ is the leader: I’m only playing the part which has been entrusted to me, so that together we might incarnate the Reign of justice, peace and joy signed “God the Father”.


Note also that the orchestra is not the bishop with his clergy and lay pastoral associates, performing before a passive audience of the faithful. No, the orchestra is the whole Church, each baptized, confirmed man or woman who claims to be a disciple of Jesus-Christ. The audience is the world in which we dwell, to which we bring the Gospel melody. Jesus entrusts to each of us a role in this immense work. I simply hope that my part will harmonize with the whole, adding a touch of joy and



The interval is coming to an end. The concertmaster has taken his place. The next movement is about to begin. Maestro, give the sign: we are ready!


† Paul-André Durocher