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Past bulletins


November 19/20, 2011



Reading I                             Ezekiel 34.11-12, 15-17

Responsorial Psalm:             The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Reading II                            1 Corinthians 15.20-26, 28

Gospel:                                Matthew 25.14-30


·         In Jesus, we are all brothers and sisters in the image of God. God is so big that we are all like God.

·         But what does that mean? This is the big act of faith that we will soak ourselves in during Advent, that God became one like us, one of us, born, lived, suffered, and died like the rest of us. The real God is found in real people.








November 12:                $318.00                       Attendance:    26



      November 13:                $990.85                       Attendance:    69



Sat. Nov. 19        4:30 PM:        (St. Columban)  For all parishioners of St. Columban

                                                    and St. Aloysius

Sun. Nov. 20       11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Denis Godard by Christine Lemieux

                                                    and Andre Savard

                                                    6th Anniversary Mass for Pat Lambert by Moe and Family

                             4:00 PM:        Eucharistic Adoration

Sat. Nov. 26        4:30 PM:        (St. Columban) For Ken Prud’homme by The Gatineau

                                                    Friendship Club

Sun. Nov. 27       11:00 AM:      (St. Aloysius) For Mary O’Farrell by Jack & Dyann


                             4:00 PM:        Eucharistic Adoration



            Father Gyan will return on the 23rd of November.




            If you are interested in having collections envelopes for either parish, please contact the office or one of your Wardens.  Envelopes are a convenient way to make your contribution to support your church and at the same time receive an Income tax receipt.  Receipts are issued at the end of the year in time for your tax return.



            The annual Christmas food drive will start next week.  Please feel free to donate canned food, pickles, pasta, rice, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc.  We will be collecting specifically for the Christmas food baskets up to December 18, but please continue to donate throughout the year.  Thank you for your cooperation in bringing a Merry Christmas to the less fortunate in our community.

                                                                        The Charitable Fund







            St. Aloysius will hold their Annual Meeting on December 4th following the 11 a.m. Mass.  All parishioners are encouraged to attend.  A light lunch will be served.



            Next week, you will see a tree at the back of the church with pink and blue angels on it.  This tree represents the children that are helped with our Christmas Baskets.   Each angel is a child that we help, showing their age on the back.  We include a gift for each of them in our food baskets. We would appreciate if you would take one or two angels home and buy a gift for them.  Please wrap the gift and have it returned to the parish by December 15th.  You may leave them at the back of the church or bring them to the office.  Please do not include your name on the gift and make sure the angel tab is attached on the outside of the gift. Thank you for your support.

                                                                        The Charitable Fund





As you may know, as of January 1st each year two warden’s positions become vacant and therefore new warden’s need to be elected by you the parishioners, during the parish Annual General meeting. We, the warden’s board, are soliciting you, the members of the parish, to give a serious thought in coming forward to volunteer for either of these two positions.

            Also, if anyone has some financial skills, it would be of great service to the parish administration as this warden’s position is probably the most important and therefore we would not have to spent a great deal of time and energy to training someone else.

            If you can be of any assistance to the parish, or need more information and are interested in being part of the warden’s board, please call Carol at the office and leave her your name and phone number or inform any of the present wardens.



            Michael McCann

            Warden’s Board Chairperson


In order to learn more about Most Rev. Durocher, we (members of the Diocese) asked him questions of our own. His answers help us understand how he sees life.


Question: What achievement of your life as a priest are you the most proud of?

Answer: What makes me proudest as a priest is to know that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives. When someone tells me that I’ve had some special impact in their life, when another states that such a teaching gave them hope, when a parent thanks me for having helped their teenager make a wise choice, when an individual thanks me for having helped them through some trial: that’s when I feel that my priesthood makes sense, that the Lord has used me to do his work in the lives of his children.


Question: In your opinion what does the North American society need most?

Answer: That’s quite the question! And I fear that responding to it will reveal more about the respondent than about our society. However, I offer this answer which, I know, is quite limited and partial. North American society needs a social project that goes beyond simple self-interest and would help give meaning to the lives of those who participate in it. It seems to me that we are so centered on ourselves as individuals that it has become difficult for us to move forward towards a common goal, towards the common good. We need a cause to which we might consecrate ourselves, that would give us purpose that would be meaning-making for our lives! Jesus proposes such a cause to us: the Reign of justice, peace and joy.


Question: With the exception of Christ, who is your hero or model?

Answer: Your question makes me realize that I don’t have one. Certainly, there are individuals whom I admire for certain exceptional qualities, certain radical commitments, certain significant acts. Among them, historical figures such as John XXIII who gave back to the papacy a certain humanity, or Martin Luther King who did so much for the dignity of all human beings; and more personal figures such as a certain priest from my childhood who gave himself fully in friendship to his  ministry, or a certain colleague whose personal integrity led him to make some difficult choices, or a certain friend who manages to endure chronic illness with patient and joyful courage. However, I really like this saying: “Each must seek to become the best possible version of himself or herself.” So imitation is out of the question. Perhaps that is why I don’t have a hero or a model.