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Past bulletins


April 2/3, 2011



Reading I                             1 Samuel 16.1b, 6-7, 10-13

Responsorial Psalm:        The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want.

Reading II                            Ephesians 5.8-14

Gospel                                  John 9.1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38


·         Jesus’ miracles cost him his life because he was claiming to be one with God. The leaders –religious, political – only wanted a savoir on their terms.

·         After many a healing he disappeared, to get out of sight.  Maybe we can do the same; allow ourselves time for faith to grow, to be grateful for our spirituality, and be joyful that w can do something good in the love of our lives for others.




March 27th                  $998.25                       Attendance:     82



March 26th                  $461.50                       Attendance:     31


Fri.  Apr. 1             9:00 AM:       For all the parishioners of St. Aloysius and

                                                     St. Columban

                              7:00 PM:       Stations of the Cross

Sat. Apr. 2              4:30 PM:       (St. Columban) For Lucien Maisonneuve

                                                     by Shirley Maisonneuve

Sun. Apr. 3           11:00 AM:       (St. Aloysius) For Jean-Guy Lalonde and

                                                    Kevin Lagrois By Theresa Lalonde

                                                    For Rene Desmarais by Joe & Marie McCarthy

                                                    10th Anniversary Mass for Ronald Latreille

                                                    by Rita Lacelle

                              4:00 PM:       Eucharistic Adoration

Fri. Apr. 8              9:00 AM:       For all parishioners of St. Aloysius and

                                                    St. Columban

                             7:00 PM:        Stations of the Cross

Sat. Apr. 9            4:30 PM:        (St. Columban) For Edwin Murphy by

                                                     Rita & Marc Savoie

Sun. Apr. 10         11:00 AM:       (St. Aloysius) For Diane Arcand by June Murphy

                                                    For Simone Desmarais by Joe & Marie McCarthy

                             4:00 PM:        Eucharistic Adoration



                            All are invited to join together in community to reflect on the Passion of our Lord Jesus every Friday at 7:00 pm. This simple and significant action usually lasts less than 30 minutes. Together we make, in spirit, a pilgrimage of the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death. It has become one of the most popular of Catholic devotions and is carried out by passing from Station to Station, with certain prayers at each and devout meditation on the various incidents in turn.
Please note that April 15 will take place at St. Columban.
Take courage!




·         that the period from Holy Thursday through to the Easter Vigil is known as Triduum?

  • that Triduum is one celebration in 3 parts - Thursday, Friday and Saturday?
  • that from the time we begin Holy Thursday with the sign of the cross to the final blessing on Saturday, we are within the same celebration?
  • that for all 3 days we celebrate the death and the resurrection of our Lord?
  • that Triduum is a more intense celebration of what we celebrate each and every Sunday during our Eucharistic Celebration?
  • that the Easter Vigil liturgy is considered to be the most beautiful liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church?
  • that every part of the Easter Vigil mass  in and of itself celebrates the Paschal Mystery?

Starting with Ash Wednesday, we prepare ourselves for this most glorious moment, the Resurrection of Jesus, which is the cornerstone of our faith.  And although celebrated Holy Saturday evening, it is the dramatic Easter Vigil liturgy that marks the beginning of Easter. If you have never experienced the beauty of an Easter Vigil mass, please consider it for this year; to take part completely in the Triduum, from beginning to end, as a community.
          And remember, as our lenten theme reminds us, "Take courage ... the Lord looks at the heart"
          May the Lord bless us and the Spirit guide us.
                                                                        Your Pastoral Team



   On May 25, 2011 there will be a pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s Oratory with Fr. Lomer Rooney  from St. Elizabeth parish. The cost is $50 per person.  For more information or to register call St. Elizabeth parish at 819-827-2004.




Once again, the St. Patrick's Party (St. Columban Fundraiser) co hosted by Maynard Robinson, was an outstanding success, which resulted in a net profit of 3041.00$.  This extraordinary sum of money will assist St. Columban Mission to continue offering its' religious programs in this community.  Maynard's tireless efforts in spearheading this event clearly shows his commitment to St. Columban's future development, and keeping its' Irish tradition alive and well.   A special thanks to Irene Lalonde for organizing a delicious luncheon, all those who contributed food, assisted with decorating, tickets sales, and in the many other ways to make this event its' usual success. 


                                    The Fabrique, St. Columban Mission.




  Our local Cubs organization are championing a battery recycling program to help our environment.  You can participate by dropping your discarded household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C and D) in the identified recycling bin at the Church entrance


  Attached to today's bulletin is the envelope for next Sunday's special collection.  You also have a special envelope in your box if you are an envelope user.  This is your opportunity to share with the world's poorest people the money you saved during your Lenten fasting.  Please be generous.  If you would like to become a monthly donor to D&P, there are special envelopes for that purpose on the table at the entrance of the church.