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Current bulletin

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 18/19, 2017

Reading I                             Proverbs 31.10-13, 16-18, 20, 26, 28-31

Responsorial Psalm:             Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord.

Reading II                            1 Thessalonians 5.1-6

Gospel:                                Matthew 25.14-30



          Nov 11:              $450.00                       Attendance:     28




          Nov 12:              $887.55                       Attendance:     81





Fri. Nov. 17                     9:00 AM:         For all parishioners

Sat. Nov. 18                  4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) For Special Saints and especially

                                                                St. Anthony and St. Jude

Sun. Nov. 19                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For Pat Lambert by The Family

Wed. Nov. 22                9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Fri. Nov. 24                   9:00 AM:          For all parishioners

Sat. Nov. 25                  4:30 PM:           (St. Columban) For Ernie and Dave Quinn by

                                                                Shirley Quinn

Sun. Nov. 26                 11:00 AM:         (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners



As expected, the readings of this Sunday continue to remind us not only of the end of the Liturgical Year, but also of the end of all things. They invite us live in such a way that we make best use of our God-given talents as we await our last moment. In the first reading we have a beautiful praise of woman. A perfect woman, it says, is of incalculable value. She is a good wife who keeps peace and harmony in the home; she is a great worker who is never idle and who does not lose time in useless chatter but occupies herself with making sure nothing is missing in the home and extends her care beyond her immediate family. She is a woman of generous heart moved by needs of the poor and the needy; she is very religious and keeps the commandments of God. The ideal woman does not give importance to appearances but is mostly interested in the essential things of life. Are there many women like that?  We are called to be as diligent and industrious as a loyal and faithful wife in the use of our God-given talents with fear of the Lord.

In the second reading St Paul advises us as he did the Thessalonians to keep awake and be sober, encouraging and building each other up as we wait for the “Day of the Lord.” Paul challenges the Thessalonians to turn their fears of the Lord into positive, constructive and life-affirming action. The Thessalonians were concerned about the time for the return of the Lord. Paul tells them and us that it is not possible to know the time as the action of God is unforeseeable and takes place when we least expect it. It is not important to know the day or the hour. It is important rather to avoid being overtaken by the darkness of evil. Thanks to our baptism, we Christians have become children of light and of the day; so we ought not to be taken by surprise like those living in darkness and those asleep. The Gospel continues the theme of a state of ‘red-light’ for the coming of Lord, stressing accountability. In the parable of the talents, the first two servants were rewarded, and the one who had shown no initiative was sternly dealt with. The parable serves to remind us that the ‘talents’ we have are for the glory of God and the service of the community.

The rich master symbolizes Christ who before going into glory entrusted all his ‘goods’ to His disciples. Talents symbolize all that Jesus gave us: the Gospel, the sacraments, the power to heal, to console, His love for the poor and the suffering etc. These talents also correspond to the various ministries exercised in our communities. It is up to us now to act in such a way that what He has entrusted to us may produce abundant fruit. God has risked everything in the person of Jesus Christ for the sake of our salvation, and so expects us to do more than cling to safety as the third servant did. The talents are allotted to persons, some more, others less according to abilities. While talents (gifts and charisms) may vary in proportion in their allocation to persons, everyone is expected to act responsibly. Every gift has a deeper purpose and a higher goal. No single treasure of Christ should be allowed to remain unused. Thus, Jesus is encouraging us not to be afraid, but trusting in His help, to take chances in using our talents for the glory of God and the service of neighbours. A take-no-chance policy is not Christian. There is no ‘safe’ position in life. Christian living is strenuous business involving occasional risk-taking. God expects us to use our every talent for personal growth, community service and religious witness. As we wait for the final Day, we are reminded that we will be judged, not by how much each of us possesses but by our readiness to serve and expand ourselves for others. Happy Sunday!




We are in the process of upgrading the security system at the church. Part of the preparation in this upgrade will be to input all the current security codes being used. We would ask anyone that uses a code to activate/deactivate the alarm system to please contact the office by phone or email or see Dennis Butt to give your name and the code you are using. These will be entered in the new system and ensure you have access to the church. A prompt response is appreciated.


Victoria's Quilts Canada - Quilt Raffle tickets 2017

Victoria's Quilts Canada has delivered almost 60,000 quilts to people with cancer across Canada, 68 quilts here in Gatineau so far this year alone.  This raffle has 3 quilts and raises money needed for the flannel and the batting inside the quilt.

Ann Smits will have Victoria's Quilts quilt raffle tickets after mass at $2.00 or 3 for $5.00.  Also, for any questions or to make a request, you can go online at: or phone them at 613-843-9212.



Please join us after mass on Sunday December 3 in the church hall for our annual general meeting. Refreshments will be served. During the meeting we will electing 2 new wardens. The positions up for election are Finance and Social. Any parishioner who may be interested in serving as a warden or wish to nominate someone for a position, please contact Carol or any of your wardens for further information.


Ann Smits                               - 2nd                       Reece Miller                                  - 12th

Rita Lacelle                             - 2nd                              Kathryn and Maurice Amyot      – 14th

Gabrielle McCann                   - 3rd                                    Marie Desmarais                         - 15th

Joe McCarthy                          - 4th                                    Nicole Paiement                        - 15th

Maximilian McMackin           - 4th                           Roger Seguin                                - 23rd         

Michael Lalonde                     - 23rd                                 Diane Cyr & Keith May           - 28th

Michelle Cook                         - 28th                       Paul Luc Lalonde                        - 30th  





Registration is now being held for First Reconciliation, First Communion & Confirmation.  Children must be 7 years old or more in 2018 for First Communion & Reconciliation and 15 years old for Confirmation. The preparation sessions for First Reconciliation & Communion will begin in January 2018. An information session will be held in November. Last year we started a program for preteens & teenagers who wish to make their First Reconciliation & First Communion, which was well received by the participants. This program is given separate from the younger children.

Sessions are held Sundays after 11:00 AM mass and we are usually thru by 2:00 PM.

If you have any questions you may contact Louise Lortie at or Louise MacMillan at

To register for sacraments, you may pick a form available at the back of the church or contact Carol Leonard at the church office.