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Current bulletin

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 22/23, 2018

Reading I                                        Wisdom 2.12, 17-20

Responsorial Psalm:            The Lord upholds my life.

Reading II                            James 3.16-4.3

Gospel:                                Mark 9.30-37



                Sept 15:                       $351.00                       Attendance:    25




          Sept 16:                          $479.50                       Attendance:     44



Fri. Sept 21                 9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Sat. Sept 22                 4:30 p.m.         (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. Sept. 23               11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For all parishioners

                                     2:00 p.m.        St. Columban Cemetery Service

Wed. Sept 26              8:00 a.m.        Eucharist Adoration

                                     9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Fri. Sept 28                 9:15 a.m.        For all parishioners

Sat. Sept 29                 4:30 p.m.         (St. Columban) For all parishioners

Sun. Sept. 30               11:00 a.m.       (St. Aloysius) For Ann Melvin by

                                                            The Gatineau Friendship Club



            Our Maintenance warden, Dennis Butts, resigned due to family commitments. We would like to thank Dennis for his time, energy, fresh ideas and commitment he donated to our beloved St-AL’s parish.  We currently have an open position on the Wardens board for a person to complete the term for the Maintenance Warden position. The remaining length of the term is one year.  Should you feel you or know of someone that could fill the Maintenance Warden position, please bring your nomination to any of our warden’s board members or contact Carol at the office. The primary duty is to ensure and coordinate the upkeep of the church and the church property. The initial time commitment is a monthly evening meeting at the church, usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month. An Ad-hoc Parish meeting to elect our next Maintenance Warden will be held October 21st, 2018 following our regular Sunday mass.

We greatly appreciate your support to assist us in filling this position.


Yours truly, St- AL’s Warden’s Board


            We will be having a Silent Auction at our Annual Spaghetti Supper on October 13th, if you have any items that you could donation for the Auction or know of any companies that would be interested in donating, please contact AnnMarie 819-663-0295, our Social Warden or Carol at the parish office 819-663-5244.



St. Al’s Sewing Group is having a Raffle on a homemade queen size quilt.  Tickets are $1 each or a book of 6 for $5.  Get your tickets from any member of the sewing group.   OR if you would like to sell some tickets, please see Carol 819-663-5244.


« Christ, US, Our Communities, Our Neighbourhoods »

2018-2019 diocesan synodal process


On June 7, English parishes in the dioceses came together to talk about the mission of parishes today.  At that meeting, and a similar meeting with the French parishes, the majority of people agreed to undertake a synodal process to trace the future of the Church in this diocese.

This synodal process (another way of saying “walking together”) begins this fall.  It is a time to look around us and see where we are as a Church.  Each parish will be asked to hold a meeting of parishioners in this first stage of this synodal process, sometime in October or November.  A series of parish bulletin texts, like this one, have been prepared to help individual parishioners think about some of the questions which will be discussed at these meetings.  The first set of questions is about Christ and Us.


Christ and Us :

Our parishes should help its members grow in their relationship with Christ.  They should help parishioners:

·         Recognize the presence and love of Jesus in their lives;

·         Discern the work of the Spirit; 

·         Grow in love for the Word of God;

·         Foster the desire to meet the Lord in prayer and liturgy.


Does my parish community help me to grow in my relationship with Christ?  Does it help others grow in their faith life? How does it do this well? Or, if it does not do it well, what are some of the barriers to doing this?


What are my community’s strengths in helping its members grow in their relationship with Christ?


What are the weaknesses which create obstacles to doing this well?


We will continue to share reflection questions and information about the synodal process in future bulletin texts.  Many blessings as you join the others in the diocese in this time of prayerful reflection!


St. Columban will be holding this year’s Cemetery Service on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at 2:00 pm.




George Avon – 14th                                                         Gaby & Mike McCann – 20th (49th)

Pierre Léonard – 21st                                                      Irene Lalonde – 22nd                                                    William J. Murphy – 29th                              



Food Pantry is very low and we need your help.  We have pasta but no sauce to go with it.  Soups, vegetables, beans, peanut butter, chez whiz, juice boxes, cereal etc. would be greatly appreciated.






In St. Al’s Parish Hall.  Auction opens at 5:30pm.  Supper starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are $12 per adult and $6 for children (6-12 years).  There will be door prizes.  Get your tickets from our Social Warden, Ann Marie Plante 819-663-0295 or our Parish Secretary, Carol.