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Current bulletin

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 21/22, 2019

Reading I                                        Amos 8.4-7

Responsorial Psalm:            Praise the Lord who lifts up the needy.

Reading II                            1 Timothy 2.1-7

Gospel:                                Luke 16.1-13



          Sept 15:                          $865.25                                   Attendance:     71



          Sept 14:                          $290.05                                   Attendance:     34


Fri. Sept. 20                        9:15 a.m.             For all parishioners

Sat. Sept. 21                       4:30 p.m.            (St. Columban) 50th Anniversary Mass for Samuel Long by

                                                                                The Family

Sun. Sept. 22                      11:00 a.m.           For Denis Léonard by Ann Smits

Wed. Sept. 25                    8:00 a.m.             Eucharistic Adoration

                                                 9:15 a.m.             For all parishioners

Fri. Sept. 27                        9:15 a.m.             For all parishioners

Sat. Sept. 28                       4:30 p.m.            (St. Columban) For Willy Murphy by Mary Maloney

                                                                                & Family

Sun. Sept. 29                      11:00 a.m.           (St. Aloysius) For the deceased members of the

Dumoulin and McCann families by Mike & Gaby


Good Stewardship

Today’s readings remind us that we are God’s stewards and that God expects faithful and prudent stewardship from us. They challenge us to use our God-given talents and blessings wisely to attain Heavenly joy. In the first reading, the Prophet Amos speaking around the 8th Century BC condemns the crooked commercial practices of the Jewish merchants. The prophet speaks against impressive religious festivals and liturgies that feed the egoism of the rich and powerful while keeping the poor as the permanent victims of an unjust system. When the worship of God remains wholly uncritical of what is happening in an unjust society, it becomes privileged theatre signifying nothing. He, therefore, reminds the Israelites and us to be faithful to our covenant with God by practicing justice and mercy as God’s faithful stewards. We should not make the goal of our life the acquisition of money by whatever means. St. Paul, in the second reading instructs Christians to become the stewards of the Gospel of Jesus. He admonishes them, like himself, to preach the Gospel to their leaders and offer intercessory prayers on their behalf.

In the Gospel, Jesus challenges us to use our blessings – time, talents, health and wealth – wisely. We humans, are naturally concerned about our future, like the man in the Gospel.  That may have led the man to be dishonest in the first place. It is understandable that this man was street-wise and he applied his shrewdness to provide for his future. He had to alter the books and the transaction deals with his debtors in order to acquire some future security. He is praised not for his dishonesty, but for his resourcefulness in coping with the emergency with such speed. Jesus, here, is not trying to exonerate the dishonest steward for his misappropriation of his master's money. He rather draws our attention to this man's astuteness, intelligence and intuition. These are qualities, good in themselves, but here, are channeled in the wrong direction. What Jesus is saying is: if only Christians would emulate the qualities of the steward and apply themselves purposefully for the service of God’s kingdom. Honest people (Christians) should use their money (resources) in such a way that they will be welcomed into the kingdom of God.

We need to use our spiritual resources wisely. The manager in Jesus’ story used all his resources to secure his future. We must be no less resourceful. We have at our disposal the Holy Mass and the Seven Sacraments as sources of Divine grace, the Holy Bible as the word of God for daily meditation and practice, and the teaching authority of the Spirit-guided Church to direct us in our Christian life. We need to use these resources. We need to be prepared to give an account of our stewardship. We insure our houses against fire, storms, flood and thieves and insure our lives by taking life insurance and car insurance. In the same way, let us insure ourselves for the one thing that most certainly will happen, namely, our meeting God to give Him an account of our lives. What really matters, at that time of our encounter with God and at the moment of our death, is how wisely we have used our blessings during our life, lovingly and generously sharing them with others in need.

Happy Sunday! Have a wonderful week!


We would like to THANK all who participated in last Sunday’s

Summers End Get Together and Pot Luck Luncheon.

It was really heartwarming to see and sample all of the delicious homemade casseroles, platers, salads, cold cuts and of course, desserts.

The parishioners of St. Al’s can proudly say “We know how to put on a great Pot Luck meal”.

A big Thank You needs be extended to those who helped set and decorate the tables, to those who arranged the food on the tables and finally to those who did the cleanup and dishes; that’s what it takes to host a great meal … especially the cleanup and dishes!!! Many Thanks to all….

Thank You to all who were not able to do any of the above but donated monetarily – we always need extras.

We noticed that a few of our usual parishioners were not in attendance.  If any of you is in need of a ride to attend our functions, please let us know and we will be glad to provide transportation for you.

To those of you who could not attend this time – we hope to see you next time which will be at our






September 22 12 h 30 Saint-Alexandre

                        14 h Saint-Paul

September 29 After 10 h Mass  - St. Stephen’s, Chelsea


St. Columban Cemetery Service

            St. Columban Cemetery Service will be held on Sunday, September 22nd at 2:30 p.m.




            Please pray for the sick of our Parish:  Roger Seguin, Phyllis Seguin, and Jack Wiggins


10th  ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE from the Dioceses of Ottawa, Gatineau, Pembroke, Mont-Laurier, Alexandria/Cornwall and Kingston to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Montreal, Sunday October 20, 2019.  Mass in the morning and Annointing of the Sick in the afternoon, celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal, Bishop Alain Faubert.  For information:  Mike Budge 613 224-8110.


Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada: Support for the Bishops of Canada to proclaim the Good News

As his term as President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) draws to a close, Bishop Lionel Gendron, P.S.S., Bishop of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, expresses his sincere appreciation for the breadth and abundance of work accomplished by dioceses/eparchies, regional episcopal assemblies, and the CCCB as a national conference. Support of this annual collection for the country’s Bishops “will help us achieve our goals, and to proclaim the Good News in Canada.”

The Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada will take place 28 and 29 September 2019. This annual charitable initiative assists the Bishops in their ministry of accompanying, teaching, guiding, sanctifying and caring for the Church in Canada.



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