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Current bulletin

Pentecost Sunday

May 31, 2020

Reading I                             Acts 2.1-11

Responsorial Psalm:            Lord, send forth your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.

Reading II                            1 Corinthians 12.3b-7, 12-13

Gospel:                                John 20.19-23



            May 27:                       $746.00





Sunday, May 31, 2020            For Maureen Dunning (OLV)


Sunday, June 7, 2020              For Diane Price by Bob Price

                                                For Lorne Morey by Barbara Morey




            Please pray for the sick of our Parish: Louise Lortie, Adeline Gendron, Roger Seguin, Phyllis Seguin, and Jack Wiggins       




Pentecost literally means fiftieth. It is a feast celebrated on the fiftieth day after the Passover feast of the Jews and a feast celebrated on the fiftieth day after the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus (the New Passover) by Christians. The Jews celebrated it as the commemoration of the arrival of the Israelites at Mount Sinai and the receiving of the Law by Moses on their behalf. The Israelites celebrated it to thank God for having chosen them and giving them the Law to guide their lives. Despite the Law the old Israel did not always produce good fruits. For us Christians Pentecost marks the end and the goal of Easter season. It is a memorial of the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The disciples needed this Power to be with them in the ‘absence’ of Jesus. There are times when we are asked to do something for which we feel entirely unqualified. The readings of last Sunday (Ascension) challenged us to take the good news to the whole world. Lest such a task seem beyond the power of the disciples, Jesus asked them to wait until the Spirit came. That is what we celebrate today, the descent of this power from on high.


The first reading from the Acts of the Apostles describes this event. The disciples had a powerful wind from heaven and then ‘divided tongues as of fire appeared among them and a tongue rested on each of them.’ The disciples all ‘began to speak in other languages as the spirit gave them ability.’ By saying that the disciples received the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost, St Luke is teaching us that for us Christians, the Spirit has substituted the new Law for that of Moses. That new Law is the Law of the Spirit. It is the new heart, the life of God, which once it enters a person, transforms and changes that person into one capable of producing spontaneously the work of God. When one is filled with the Holy Spirit, something never heard of before begins to take place in one’s life; one loves with the same love as God loves. One does not need anyone to teach them (1Jn:3, 9). The spirit is now the only Law of Christians. Through the Spirit, the disciples now possessed the power and the ability to share the good news with all the nations of the world.


In the second reading, St Paul explains what the Holy Spirit does for us. First, He enables us to say, “Jesus is Lord.” Only with the help of the Spirit can we come to realize and acknowledge that Jesus is indeed God. We cannot on our own arrive at that truth. Paul then describes the varieties of gifts given by the same Lord. ‘To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.’ Hence, the Holy Spirit facilitates and coordinates all the activities of Christians so that they can accomplish God’s purpose for the world. The Spirit is not shy of difference, but is free to deal with people as individuals. Variety is the emphasis! It is not that our differences are stifled by the Spirit; rather our differences are funded by the Spirit who works not standardize everyone, but to make variety His mark. Our task is to discover how the Spirit has gifted us in individual ways, and to appreciate the Spirit’s different gifts in other people.


The Gospel adds another dimension to what the Holy Spirit gives us. Appearing to His disciples, Jesus says: “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” Through the Holy Spirit the Church possesses the power to forgive sin. As Christians it behooves us too to forgive and heal one another. We too often forget that we have this power. Remember! The disciples locked themselves up out of fear before Jesus appeared. We can literally say that it was fear that has gathered them together. However, John the evangelist shows us that there is an exit from this paralysing fear through the peace that Jesus brings. “Peace be with you.” As the risen Jesus breathes on them, the disciples breathe in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the breath they take on that Easter Sunday evening, the breath that gives them all new heart. The response to the Psalm says:” Lord send forth you Spirit and renew the face of the earth.” Thus, only in the gift of the Spirit is fear changed into freedom. Only in the Spirit are the disciples empowered to understand the past anew and see the future with hope. The Holy Spirit is the exit from the hopelessness of being locked into a cruel and fearful past. Through the Holy Spirit the disciples will reach all the people trapped in the hopelessness of their own lives. They are commissioned to share this new Spirit with myriad people whose lives are hell without the Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete (Comforter, Helper, Encourager or Enabler). He works quietly in us and through us everyday behind the scenes, in the basic activities of our lives and the lives of the people around us. He is quietly at work: in our taking on responsibilities that we once thought beyond us; in our refusing to let the greed of society take over our soul; in our giving thanks always even though times have been hard; in our rising above past failures and putting past hurts behind us; in our finding a central core of peace in the midst of turmoil like this time; in an adult patiently teaching a child self-esteem and self-control; in the person sitting quietly beside a hospital bed; in a parent praying for a troubled son or daughter. The Spirit calls us to repentance, to turn our lives around; He calls us to Faith and to take up our cross and follow Jesus.  However we look at the Holy Spirit, He is always our Helper, always helping us to be what God made us to be.  He helps us to be truly great, namely, to be servants to one another. Likewise the Spirit promotes Jesus in our lives; He gathers us around the cross of Jesus; He changes our lives, helping us to be more patient and forgiving, to seek new beginnings in our relationships with one another and to let the power of God's love have the final say over the conflicts we get into. He is available to us every moment of every day as we face the choices between self-centeredness and being the God-centered people the Spirit has called us to be in Christ. Today is a great day to ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle in us the spirit of new life and enthusiasm, the fire of God's love.  Let us repeat Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s favorite little prayer, “Come Holy Spirit:”


“Come Holy Spirit

Make our ears to hear

Make our eyes to see

Make our mouths to speak

Make our hearts to seek

Make our hands to reach out

And touch the world with your love.  AMEN.”  


[Cardinal Newman was beatified September 19, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI.]


Message from the Finance Warden (May 28th)


We are now two and a half months into the pandemic and, as expected, our finances continue to take a hit due to the lack of regular Sunday collections, social activities, and hall rentals.  Many parishioners are still providing their weekly donations by either dropping them off at the church, mailing them, or using the diocesan on-line donation system (Donate Now -  Once again, the Wardens Board wants to thank you all for your important and continued support during this time.  The recent plea for support (April 28th) was well received and additional revenue was provided.  Our provincial MNA Mathieu Lévesque has promised a donation of $2000 to the parish which is expected soon.  We have reduced or deferred certain monthly expenses until further notice.  However, we are still not able to cover our fixed monthly expenses given the amount of revenues being generated.  As a result, our bank account balance has been reduced by half since March.  As we head into the summer months, a period where typically revenues are at their lowest, it will be even more important for us to maintain, or if possible, increase our donations to the parish.  If not, we may have to dip into our limited investment funds to cover the discrepancy in monthly expenses.


I am hopeful that we will all be able to celebrate mass once again in our church in the coming months and financially survive this difficult and challenging period.  I will keep you abreast of our finances as things progress.  Thank you.


Jim Brownrigg, Finance Warden, St. Aloysius





Moe Lambert – 2nd                                                     Jim Brownrigg -  5th

Blaise Foley – 10th                                                       Avery Miller – 12th 

Barbara Morey – 12th                                                 Moe Amyot – 13th      

Judy Grandmaison – 13th                                            Shirley Daly – 14th

Louise & Gord MacMillian – 15th                               Pauline Leduc – 16th

Gail Nadeau – 17th     

Donald  Richard – 18th           

Ron Pearce – 18th                                                                                                               Pauline Leduc & Mike Groulx – 18th (30th)

Robert & Irene Lalonde – 21st     

Donna Escander – 26th                       

Pat Prud’homme – 27th  

John O’Farrell – 28th

Paul Paiement Jr. – 28th   

Nora Prud'homme - 28th

Margaret and Gary Burns – 30th (28th)




June Quinn                  5th      

Margaret Paiement    9th

Adeline Gendron         14th     

Kathy Amyot                17th    

Jane Pickering                       17th  

Carole Fraser              19th    

 JoAnne Lambert 20th

Paulette & Ron Pearce – 24th (51st

David Dumaresq         29th